Thursday, March 25, 2010

Part 3, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento

  Sorrento, Italy.
What a gorgeous place!

road from Naples arriving in Sorrento

I have been very fortunate to have travelled to many places
on this planet yet feel Sorrento could well be the most beautiful.

The scenery, people, food, location and weather were all incredible.
I am afraid to say the desire to come home was non existent.

For the duration of my time in Sorrento
i witnessed not one moment of hostility, aggression or rudeness.

I came across no wannabe gang members, no fights, no drunk teenagers
and not one pitbull!  The locals all seem to know & care about each other.
In today's world this is, indeed, exceptional.

Piazza Tasso, Center of Town

Piazza Tasso

Piazza Tasso

this is the center of Sorrento, all the streets off this square have little
boutiques with exquisite Italian-made apparel & jewelry, sidewalk cafes,
fruit & vegetable markets, art galleries and not far away there is a
beautiful part which overlooks the sea, from there you can walk down to
the marina area

these romantic horse-drawn carriages are wonderful fun to see
Sorrento without walking...but how would one shop while being in
a carriage?

typical street leading into Piazza Tesso

down each of these small little streets are lovely shops

one simply cannot help but be captivated by want to sit down, have an
espresso, a cocktail &  a small tiny bite of the day's specialty

vegetable & fruit stands abound, and when you're staying in your own house, you feel absolutely
compelled to take home as much as you can carry, display it out on an old wodden table, and
eat the fruit, cook the veggies everyday you're cooking at home...such bounty, with such
good home-grown taste.  believe me, the flavor of this produce, harvested at the
peak of perfection, is wonderful.

just being in this environment, with all the talking and streetwise action
one must enjoy every single minute, talk to the locals and find
out where to go for evening's entertainment.

"the working man's club" off one of the little streets; this place is
open air, with no doors, and every hour of the day & night you will find the older
men of the city hard at work...

The nightlife for us consisted of nightly & maybe afternoon visit to
Chaplin's Pub
right on the main shopping street.
Frequented by cruise passengers, all English speaking people anywhere
around, it is purely delightful.

Owners, Luigi & Maria with guest shown below

Handcrafted in soft porceline, very fragine flowers, made the same way for 100's of years
is called capodimonte.  My grandmother had a amazing collection of this work.

of particular note, there are 2 of the most wonderful Italian-made linen shops
in Sorrento.  They have beautiful table & bed linens at a fraction of the
price one would pay in the USA.  It is impossible not to purchase something
special, from placemats, to pillow sham covers, all of which can be
shipped to you for a small price.  Mine all arrived perfectly in order.

typical doorway

typical window scene, looked so charming

overlooking Sorrento harbor, a view that is ever changing,
one cannot ever get bored with this

a beautiful & grande private residence which I could not stop
looking at


and another...a photo that looks like artwork...
the colors of the old stucco in the late afternoon

just look at this water, would you ?  Perfect Perfect Perfect

a 196 yacht

my son's work, all except the villa above, but he especially likes the one above,
an ancient sea syrene overlooks the Mediterrnean

Make a huge fashion statement with a big bow
headband (well, maybe not this big).
GIVEAWAY coming up in the next few days, one of
my jewelry pieces, which I will photograph & post
ASAP.  Tell your world about it, please.



Kristin said...

Very lovely indeed!!!! I can't wait for the summer! What a beautiful city!


Marina said...

Darling Marsha
I havent been visiting blogs this week or posting anything ... because of this darn project I'm working on ... but I had to pop in for a little cheering up this morning... and when I read your Amalfi coast posts ... I was in heaven!!

We were only there lat summer and had the most magnificent time. We rented a beautiful villa also and as you say, it is the best way to immerse yourself in the way the Italians live!!

You've made my day ... viewing all those beautiful photos!

joanny said...

Absolutely stunning photo's

It reminds me of the magic of that wonderful movie "Enchanted April"

I am enjoying this trip of yours precariously through the magic of blogging-- not quite the same as being there but lovely never the less.


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjur Marsha,
Breathtaking! We have to go. The way you describe it it does sound like a paradise, especially how everyont seems to care about one another - so nice to hear that!
Is that purple WIsteria around the doorway? Love the open air men's club.
Good day,

escapade said...

Absolutely gorgeous, every single shot looks like something from a postcard. Have yet to go to Italy, but your photos are moving it up on the list!

Hope you've had a lovely week so far!

Cashon&Co said...

my two fave pics:
1. the old men hanging out socializing in that INCREDIBLE old room
2. the bougenvilla (spelling) above the door. gorgeous!!!

Bardot In Blue said...

stunning! Note to self next available vacation go to the amalfi coast! Thanks for sharing all this beauty

xoxo Bardot in Blue

Simone said...

Absolutely beautiful Marsha, wonderful photos.

We always like to rent an apartment, shop at the market and cook while on markets are such fun and a great way to really get the feel of a place.

The narrow streets of Sorrento remind me a little of the narrow streets of Villefranche....minus all the steep steps!!

Ciao for today :)

The Shiny Pebble said...

Loved the photography. Have lived in Europe but never made it down to Italy. But I love the italians. I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the second place on earth with the most number of italians. First is italy off course. Looking forward to your giveaway. :)

Terresa said...

What a gorgeous city. I've never heard of it (blush), but now it's on my "places to travel" list. Beautiful.

Desde my Ventana said...

Dear friend,I'm so happy.Of course you can link my post.
Thank you very very mutch, and have a lovely and "pink" weekend,

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