Monday, July 26, 2010

Fashion Parody - Anna Dello Russo

well, it had to happen didn't it? 
Anna is becoming more & more famous with each
passing day, and when you're really famous you launch a fragrance !!
I will, of course, purchase the fragrance !

For those of you familiar with Anna, none of this is news, it's just renewed news...
which is what we do today, with re-tweeting, re-posting, & re-trashing
stuff which was of absolutely zero interest 10 years ago.

Being in fashion most of my life, Anna is known to me, but I certainly do not
understand her, even though I love her...I love her aggressive
"knock-your-socks-off" attitude, her wearing completely inappropriate apparel
anywhere, and others beginning to accept this outrageous behaviour.

caught by Scott, the Sartorialist, in Dolce & Gabbana...
now tell me, ladies, is this not just completely laughable?

She said to Scott:
THE CLOTHES help me to overcome
my insecurities.

Like the different movie-roles for an
actress,THE CLOTHES help me to overcome
my shyness,
cause I can play with the different FACES
of personality and I EMPATHIZE
with them.
SCOTT is phenomenal to capture
precisely this CAMOUFLAGE of myself"

& OMG, she has it in BLACK too.  worn with red underpinnings. 
the other black one is as shown on the runway

please tell me, in real life, where would anyone wear this
outfit?  except to a masked ball in Venice?

with her assistants, she is in Lanvin...

Balmain jacket, easily $15,000

my question:
how can someone wear apparel like this,
true pieces of art, and look so scaggy?
Christina, do you know?

Once described by Helmut Newton as a "fashion maniac",
Anna Dello Russo is currently the Editor At Large
and creative consultant for Vogue Japan.

Anna spent 18 years at Conde Nast Italia starting as
a Fashion Editor at Vogue Italia she went on to become Editor of
L'Uomo Vogue from 2000-2006.

Anna was born in Bari in Southern Italy, and now lives in Milan with
her dog Cucciolina.  She is an avid collector of fashion and jewellery and
describes herself as a passionate fashionista.

 ......says she has over 4000 pairs of shoes
(a few more than I have dammit)

She must be independently wealthy, as not even the elite of the fashion
industry are given the number of outfits & accessories she has, she
stays in The Ritz in Paris, has 2 apartments in Milan, 1 for her clothes
only &  is always & ever in front of cameras...she is now the
epitomy of  "street style" worldwide.  :) 
 It is thought that she never wears an outfit twice.
For one day in my life
I would like to have the ability to think as she does,
just one day....
but then, I remembered, there are days I get my hair done
(apparently, she doesn't),
have lunch with my friends, give advice to the lovelorn,
confer with my children, cook dinner, plan parties, go to football games,
watch my favorite TV shows,  love my doggies, sweep, dust & vacuum,
drive all over town looking for the  most spectacular gift for my girlfriends,
and once all that is done,
I write this blog so I can tell you all about it.


Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Hands down. I'll take your life. It is sooooo easy to get caught up in such a make believe world. By the way, I'm really lovin my new necklace. Just planning things to wear it with. You know, it just doesn't get any better than that! Happy week.

La Petite Gallery said...

That is not Glamour in my mind.
Style is often not synonymous with good taste.
Very pretty young lady.
Then I remember the day (in the 60's) I walked into Neimans,in a Mini dress with fur around the hem. I was to meet my Mom for Lunch, she said I embarrassed her. Houston was behind the times. So am I. LOL

Ann said...

I love your sense of humor. Makes me laugh every time I read a post.

I bet the perfume will also be "in your face". No subtlety there.


I forgot, the scent of the fragrance is, unbelievably, ALMONDS & VANILLA? I emailed Ann about this + added if we wanted this "homey" smell why didn't we just dab cookie dough on our wrists? M

Style Attic said...

You rock! Second of all, there 2 types of people...The ones who begin a statement (with wearing what they want to wear) and those that finish the sentence (by adapting it to real life). It takes both (kinda like the point in the Devil Wears Prada) and I fer-sure am in the second boat!!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I must say if you have the figure to wear your beautiful examples of what is fashionable then go ahead. they are really outstanding.


Lisa said...

It's what girly girls do....dream about fancy stuff!
But you and I both know that our lives are so much richer with dust, football games and girlfriends like you.

Renee Finberg said...

i would wear the Balmain jacket....
the rest i would donate to Le Cirque.


Charlotta Ward said...

..and we love that you do just that! xx

Mamma Mia, she is something else isn't she! I don't know her background but the south of Italy is poor. Very poor and I can imagine that if fame and fortune came quick, her head may have overheated a little.
I do embrace the eccentricity though, I must say. I love an obnoxious character like this. How fabulous it would be to carelessly stride through the world in a lace dress and glasses like so..

Great post and excellent humour as usual.

xx C

Nuit said...

oh I am in lurve with that Lanvin number... but most of the other outfits are a bit too much 4 me ;) great post again Marsha !! xoxo

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Marsha, I am so used to Anna's look I hadn't considered it. You've made some excellent points. Anna is one of those people that would never dress down and always makes a fashion statement. I have been immune to the fact she doesn't do her hair! How funny that I hadn't really noticed when it's something I have a thing about myself... I suppose I've been too busy looking at the clothes. And what a collection she has!! Great post. Your life sounds wonderful, just like you xx