Monday, August 30, 2010

"Mad Men" Influencing Fashion?

we talked about this previously, but I think
the Europeans don't really see "Mad Men" & that
fashion forward is just revisiting the past,
as is always done.  history & fashion repeats they say.

what do you think?

 love the turtleneck, the big skirt, the small waist
& the gloves, do not love the hat...just cannot see us
ever wearing pretentious things like this in the daytime.

if you have brooches please bring them out this season, and wear multiples...
vintage would be wonderful if you can find any...
& note the placement, not your grandmother's style at all.

camel coat, animal print, pumps with bows...
even the hair ornament, without the hair-do.

will any of you wear this?

I certainly will, but you already know I'm a fashion victim
who cannot resist being current.
Anna Dello Russo is most likely one of my Italian relatives.


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A woman's Life said...

I think it is so easy just to wear jeans with everything and a real shame that glamour (at least up here in the North) seems to have disappeared - then when people do make the effort, they have lost the ability to style themselves and just look overdone (thinking of Chester Races in particular here!) I think the brooches idea is brilliant and I will always wear leopard print given the chance. Ok so it's a bank holiday but I am inspired to delve into my wardrobe and come up with something glam - thank you x

Kari said...

Its my job to stay current on fashion. So I'm almost painfully aware in a wish I could turn it off sometimes sorta way. Funny you mentioned Mad Men. I absolutely think it influenced fashion. I agree everything repeats but I have noticed certain movies and TV shows spur it on. Such an odd mix right now. Eighties, early nineties and now fifties natural waist dresses, circle skirts. Weird times! Love it though, definitely fun!!

joanny said...

Love the jewelry , the shoes, the model wears the same pair in each photo shot, and love the coat, the floral dress isn't bad especially if I get the man to go with it.


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear Marsha,
Thank you so much for writing on my blog, I love your reply, your exuberance and joy de vivre came across the seas to me as I read! I've found myself turning on your blog so that your music will play each morning. I LOVE IT!!
I must apologise for the delay getting back to you, yesterday was my birthday, so I was a little occupied opening presents and hugging children! :))))

Humming along with the music...Jane

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful fashion. a good start to the day.


Acanthus and Acorn said...

Any picture with Don Draper will get my attention! Did you see him on the Emmy's last night!?

I agree, it is so amazing how many "current" fashions are simply renditions of past fashions. I do wish wowen still wore gloves on occasion, but hats are so impractical for today's lifestyles.

Lovely picks...enjoyed the images very much!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

I love the feminine, 50s style, plus it works for my body so I definitely will. I was so happy to see it on the LV runway and now pretty much everywhere.

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

love love Mad Men ...hope u are well and just got back from 5 days in NYC! ready to go back...many Mad Men windows I saw in the big city. Great show and great style!! :)