Monday, August 30, 2010

Never Enough, X10

Styling for Vogue Nippon by Anna Dello Russo

well everyone, what's your take-away on this?

Simone, Christina, Charlotta, Catherine, Deb, Renee,
Yvonne,  Mona,  Tish,  Charmaine?

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

Oh if only I was younger, these look fantastic,


Nuit said...

These look are so sexy, femenine and posh I die. I love the lime gloves too and the black number in the last photo. So CHIC! thanks for your sweet words on my blog Marsha! ♥

desde my ventana said...

Hi Marsha,
I hope that your are well.Beautiful love with the firts black dress,

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Marsha, I like it, it's very Anna. I posted it last week, my friend Richard is Alessandra's agent and he emailed it to me. Ale looks great and I love the 'more is more' styling. It's all going on! The accent colours are great too xx There's another glam one of Ale and Ana Beatriz on my blog you might like. Ana is wearing the Giles/Louboutin shoes in orange...

Trish said...

Hi Marsha!! You know I have been dying all day for a break to get over here and tell you how gorgie these pictures are!

In no particular order:
- I MUST acquire lime green satin gloves! Must have fall accessory!
- The gold dress with the black spots is tres sexy indeed...I tell DJ that I need longer legs all the time so I can pull this look off! Love her pocketbook and hat too, love love love.
- The cowboy hat in #5 made me smile, and the bustier on top of the red jacket made me giggle. Wonder what Lisa would have to say about that - HAHA!
(The hat in #7 is pretty cute too)

Fun post my sweet friend! xox - Trishy

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Well, I meant to say: I would wear the aubergine outfit exactly as styled. Even the hair ornament! Love the rocked out jewelry & small clutch. But, oh dear, Anna didn't show us shoes or hosiery, did she? What should I do about those? :)

Trishy, I'm giggling too.

Kristin said...

Any of these and I would feel glamorous!:):) (except for the sunglasses:) Happy new week, Marsha!! xo


Hi Marsha....oops my first comment here disappeared :O
I want to thank you so very much for the beautiful comment you left for me on my blog. I'm honored, flattered....beyond words.
And yes, please, let's become friends. Sharing friendship along with creative energy is the best soul candy ever , don't you agree?
Life is good!!!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

I was amazed,my dear Marsha...
Just breathtaking editorial!-)*
My the first one and the last one designs,SOoooooooo incredibly fashionable!!!

My warm hugs to you,

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

What a gorgeous spread!! The colors and all the details are absolute perfection.

Milla said...

Hi Marsha,
Post perfeito..
Fotos belissimas!!!
Beijos do Brasil..

The Zhush said...

I love when fashion is fun and flirty...just like this!

Ann said...

I'd prefer the Future's so bright outfit and the aubergine outfit. Of course, I'd also like to lose five more pounds first!

Your posts are always so clever, Marsha.


La Petite Gallery said...

Glamour at it's best.. love it.


Alison Cross said...

I love the lime and fuchsia accents! Am currently hunting for gloves this colour ;-)

Ali x

Leigha said...

If I could choose an alter ego (or maybe just be someone else for a day), it would be this woman. Love it!

Young at Heart said...

ooooooooh! I think it's time to make an effort...........I feel the lipstick and big hair coming on!!