Thursday, November 18, 2010


My former position with Sak's 5th Avenue
required the task of outfitting clients from head to toe,
trending forward with directional fashion,
putting together the fashion shows, in other words
knowing the merchandise throughout the entire store.

For example, someone would come in & tell you they
are attending a certain affair, and MUST have the perfect
outfit (because of husband's position, because of girlfriend's
opinions, because they were chairing something important,
because they were travelling and would be with the
same people the entire time, etc).  You already know what they
own and their style + everything else about them (which
is wonderful), and you begin processing who, what, when & where.
This post is a little tidbit of what could happen.

outfit about $4500

I wish I could show you a close-up of this fabric &
embroidered overlay because it is exquisite

Carlos Falchi Python Clutch
about $875

Christian Louboutin Python with a stretch panel
about $1500
don't you love the bit of red showing for our D&G outfit?

I love this texture pairing with the lace of the dress,
a juxtaposition, hard & soft

For this outfit the only jewelry needed would be a beautiful
pair of earrings, with the python I would choose a
huge white pearl with one diamond, which our client's
would probably already own...if not, then maybe
a pair of Fantasia earrings (they make the most perfect
copies of everything authentic; one cannot tell the difference),
so basically a stud earring, but large.


Jimmy Choo sandal, about $900
with Swarovski crystals

Laura Merkin handbag

this drop of color makes me happy too,
maybe for a younger client or an edgier one.

these earrings seem perfect

garnet rondelle tassels with
garnet briolette dangles

love the movement with the lacy outfit

I have to look back to see how D&G showed this on the
runway, but I would prefer hair pulled back or short with
this outfit; there is a lot going on already and long
hair cascading down is not correct for the right look...
unless you are like Anna Dello Russo & wear this as
"everyday normal daywear" with hair which is always unkempt.
It seems to me that something this expensive & special should
not be degraded or disregarded...

what do you guys think?
what would you do with this outfit?
where would you wear it?

  • OK, so after hearing LPC's comment I went back &
looked again at handbags for #1, really never intending
to match specifically (I love her idea of the vintage gold purse,
but at Sak's I would not have had this choice unless my
client had one at home), so look at these please...

Nancy Gonzalez Clutch
Alligator Strip Overlays
about $2500

the Nancy Gonzalez & the Carlos Falchi both look
smashing and they can be used for all sorts of occasions.
I had one Carlos Falchi which I absolutely loved &
used until it fell apart, literally. I adore the way his work
has layers of materials and abstractions, giving many
hues of one color.   They are worth every penny I think. 



Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marsha, Why can't I think like you. You make it look effortless! You are just THE most fashionable person I know. I admire you so!
xo Yvonne

LPC said...

I love the way you styled this, especially the first look. I don't think I could add to your ideas:), except maybe a vintage gold mesh bag instead of matching python? But really, looks great.

Wildernesschic said...

I love your styling the outfit is exquisite and I adore the accessories, I do love a touch of red .. It brings things to life with that unexpected twist xx

desde my ventana said...

Très chic Marsha ...fabulous,
Hugs and happy weekend,

C.J. said...

your good taste is amazing. you are amazing. love you

ursula said...

I'm totally into clutches and booties right now! Love those Louboutins. (I bet you have a fabulous closet!)