Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gold Rules


  1. the green green shot with the stag(?)
    is so beautiful.

    love the lion too!

  2. That sunset photo is strikingly beautiful.
    Be well.

  3. Oh, every photo was just a delight. I think I need the gold bath tub!!! What would the kids say about that?! Your posts always delight the eye. I love the beautiful details. Have a golden day!

  4. Oh how gorgeous, I love the gold top and the trousers, and if it was practical I would decorate my staircase just like the last picture! Feeling Christmassy now x

  5. These images are so gorgeous...as is your entire blog - full of inspiration!

  6. Those gold shoes!!! I want to put them on my feet, click and say ..there is no place like home...there is no place like home...

    Just Lovely xx


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