Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Froth...for Christina, Francine, Q & Warner

The brilliance & romance of John Galliano for
Christian Dior Haute Couture

This is for Q @ Quintessance (correct Q?)

this is for me & maybe Francine @ Art de Vivre

This one is for Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted

this one for Warner, here in Houston

Jean Harlow

Ava Gardner

& imagine Loretta Young, Carole Lombard, Susan Hayward & on & on....

Vicki at French Essence has a beautiful post on this collection done
in black & white...definitely worth a visit...go  here

This is the one show I should've been "front row"...
because I love everything about this collection.
I think this design, big shoulders, flim pencil skirts, froth & bubble
is flattering to every shape on earth.

What do you think?

Oh, come on, girls...YOU know if you had one of these
pieces on you would feel & act like a princess or a queen...

sending love to each of you...
and a big welcome to all my new followers...

see Page 2 for the jewelry


  1. Hey there Marsha :)
    Oh, wow!!!! This is so gorgeous! Love the blue and orange accents! I would gladly have any one of those!
    Jean Harlow, oh my grandma loves her!
    gi gi

  2. Your blog is absolutely stunning! Eye candy with each and every post.

    Thank you for blessing the world with such gorgeous photos and for the smile I get each time I visit!

  3. This isn't fashion Marsha....this is art to the highest degree !! Just magnificent. XXXX

  4. My fav,is number 4 here in you post,dearest M:-)))*
    Galiano is a great designer!
    I can stay alot of time behind of these photos and try to understanding HOW is it done finelly...All deatils makes crazy,it's just EXELLENT!!!
    And let me thinking about glamour from the years of 50...Gorgeous!!!

    Love to you,

  5. Dearest Marsha, wow! Isn't it stunning! I adore it all but that jacket is definitely a bit of me!

    I must do a post with my favourite looks as Dior were kind enough to send me some products last week. Hope all's good with you, love C xx

  6. Why do I keep thinking they have a 1950' feel?
    Not all but some i have seen lately.
    They are all just devine.

  7. Oh, I cannot get over these structures, as well as the powder blue and soft apricot gown -- how heavenly it is!

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far, xoxo

  8. Marsha - this is indeed one of the most gorgeous collections I've ever seen - I did see Vicki's post as well - beautiful. And what can I say - thank you for selecting something so exquisite for me!! You're the best!!

  9. Marsha,

    A fabulous collection, and I adore the creations in the coppery & deep peach colors.

    Come and see me... I won an award so have listed some details about moi!

    Art by Karena

    Art by Karena

  10. Hi Marsha! Sorry for being so slow in my visits these days :) I say we were both mentioned in the same breath at Deb's and I just had to take the time to come and say hello!! Golly, that Galliano is just amazing. I always look forward to the presentation of his visions! And with the royal wedding around the corner, we could all use some inspiration to feel worthy to spoil ourselves and be queen for a day as well. Best dear! XO, Kelly

  11. Don't you wish actresses dressed like this on the red carpet?

  12. Morning my Dear friend! These are so lovely,-tres elegant- how could one not feel a million dollars wearing such...art? The kind of fashion that would make everyone stop and stare agape when one walked into a room! Wonderful,wonderful!

    (I feel SO encouraged that you enjoy my little memoires, it means such a lot to me, Merci beaucoup!I seem to be thinking in French this morning ;)

    Sending love back, Jane

  13. Marsha, I am in love with this collection from Dior!
    The pencil skirts are just beautiful (I'm looking for one at the moment) and these have definitely inspired me.

    I have an award for you on my blog.
    Have a stylish weekend hon!

  14. I would feel like a princess in any one of these and that would be really nice right now. Looks like you really have your mojo going right now and I am son glad! Have a great weekend. Mona

  15. The grey number had my name on it. For my next"wild soiree in Vegas", you must come with a suitcase or suitcases filled with these beauties...One of our guests was actually the woman who started and was running Galliano business before he worked for Dior...heard so many Galliano stories as I had placed her next to me.!


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