Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mary Kate & Ashley, Not Just Pretty Faces

Some of you know how much I appreciate the
design work of these talented sisters, from their
quest to use only the very finest of fabrics, leathers,
furs, etc., to the tailoring of each individual piece...
Their presentation in NYC for Fall 11 is another step in
their appeal across all age groups.

here, the sisters in Paris

close-ups of back stage line up

 helping backstage

how the girls live...pumping own gas in L.A.
wearing "the look"

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen scaled back their fashion week presence,
showing the collection by private appointment rather than on the runway
or at a presentation. But the designing sisters haven't dialed back their ambitions.
Showing off their debut handbag collection—which includes a framed doctor bag,
a day tote, an elongated "memo bag," a crossbody messenger,
even a crocodile backpack—
they said prices will be in the Celine and Herm├Ęs range.
"The workmanship and materials are at that level," Ashley pointed out.
The bags' clean, unadorned look will give them a good shot at It status next season.

 their never-changing signature hallmark look

 stepping it waaay up with fur & lace,
but still the same silhouette, in white

the same idea in black;  this is awesome, I think

A long leap from "the look" to this...
sleek, contemporary, tailoring X10...
note bodice cut with the sleeve as one piece of fabric..
I know, the hat, is just a bit over-the-top, but
if I could afford it I would definitely wear it...

get a look at the crushed socks, flat shoes

more of the same here...

 the ladies, just being their unusual selves...

 now, segue way to these looks from the show...

I mean, now really, doesn't this look like something we can all wear?

& this look, note the leopard flats, aka Tom's
the girls have designed a line of shoes for Tom's, coming soon...
  The cashmere TOMS shoes they
made in collaboration with the buy-a-pair, give-a-pair
brand's founder, Blake Mycoskie,
will go for less than $150.

I'm hearing they are very dedicated to their design work, make all
the decisions themselves, and are workaholics, sometimes being in their
studio until 4AM.  The have bolts of fabrics sent over so they can
roll them out and feel them, drape them, etc. 

Their new work represents a maturing of their design sense and
sensibility, a sophistication which wasn't present prior to this
show.  I always loved what they did, but now I think we could
be seeing a duo with work stretching far into the future.

They say they've worked all their lives & wouldn't know
how to "not work."  

When they turned 18 6 years ago, they took over all the financial
management of their lives and businesses, much to the surprise of
the powers & their family. They fired the main financial manager, brought
someone they trusted on board and it's been smooth sailing ever since.
Mary Kate said on an interview that they've been in the public eye since
they were 9 months old, acting.  Now they're not acting, they're living.

Tell me what you think...I would really like to know.

I'm sure you noticed the stunning new design of our blog up top,
all the creative work of Shari at Little Blue Deer.
What can I say?  It's fabulous, I think !!



  1. These uber talented young ladies have come a huge distance from the days when their name was stamped on clothing sold by Walmart. I admire them tremendously. Their lives could of turned out so differently having worked for almost their entire young lives. When so many young people don't know the meaning of work their dedication impresses me greatly. Their fashions, absolutely great. Edgy without being over the top and very wearable.

    Great post Marsha, you truly have an incredible eye for beauty and style. Hope you are very well my dear and happy that the frigid temps are gone?!

    Deb xo

  2. I think that they are amazing young women. For the most part they have stayed clean and out of the media (from what I have seen) and they have worked very hard to get where they are. Their style is all them and that is what I love, they stay true to themselves from the very beginning. I adored their clothes when they were in Walmart as well and they were something that my daughter could wear that was age-appropriate. Now they have grown and their style is sophisticated and beautiful! Love what I saw!

  3. Goodness gracious!!! Marsha!!! your blog looks AMAZING!!! I love the new look, totally adore it. And this post is fabulous, Mary Kate and Ashley are pretty awesome ;) xoxoxox

  4. I never really liked them - they somehow annoyed me but they are clearly hard working and talented. In fact i LOVE The Row and am wearing a top of theirs from last fall's collection to the shows tomorrow!!

  5. Your new look is wonderful! Shows off your true elegance. Love the "gems on glamour" saying, too!

    Congratulations! It's exciting!

  6. New look of my blog is the creatively beautiful work of Shari at Little Blue Deer, our blog buddy. She understood immediately what I wanted to convey. And, I love love love what she's done!!

  7. Marsha your new blog header is JUST GORGEOUS!!!
    Absolutely perfect.

    I love those leopard shoes in the photos, very ME I think. I don't really know much of the two twins but their designs are lovely and very wearable.

    Hugs Jane

  8. I love the way Mary Kate and Ashely use fur in this collection. The hats and fur accessories are amazing. There bold style is similar to the coats I wear from www.fashionfurs.com it inspires me to wear them out more often.

  9. Dear Marsha, I think they're great and I love the collection - particularly the pale blue fur jacket and the leopard print coat, but you know I can't do fur.

    I love the grey long coat and sunglasses one of them is wearing in the first pictures too.

    I hope you're having a good week my dear friend xx

  10. Hi,dearest Marsha!
    You new background is so Springly,lively,fresh:-)*Like is so very much!!!

    And,yes,wat is it realy talented work of these two yong designers!
    I am totaly in Love with those black model under number 10 between you photos...and sure all those long white designs are so timeless!!!

    It's beyond great to get a chanse and the talented,which can to be together and getting brilliant result!

    Thank you for share this:-)*

    Love to you,

  11. Mary Kate and Ashley are pretty gorgeous!they are very sophisticated and glamorous when it comes to styling... I love the grey long coat and those leopard shoes!Great images as well!thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow. These are amazing. I absolutely love that highly tailored grey dress. It's dress perfection.

  13. I find them to be amazing young women. Gives me much hope for the future! The images are spectacular and what talent!

    Your blog is fantastic and I love the new header/background. Delightful!


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