Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hat Lovers: Now See This !!

Winner Hat Parade Devon Horse Show

Dori Spector Fine Art
Devon Horse Show Hat Parade
showing winner in the middle


My Own Personal Hat

bought from Jill a few years ago when
I was Co-Chair for the
April in Paris Luncheon
hats required
sold out totally & SRO tickets
were sold as well.

I wore a Christian Dior pink/white/ivory flowered silk garden-party
suit, which has a mini-skirt of the printed silk taffeta,
with an ivory panel of lace extended to the mid-calf.
Same for the sleeves, a beautiful pouf sleeve covering
the shoulder, then the slim lace sleeves. 
It really was
beautiful with this hat made entirely in white & pink
huge silk flowers with the ivory base.
& worth every penny, I might add.
view of the back of "Meredith"
you can see the hat base which is
surrounded with the horse hair veiling,
such a beauty.
The chairman also wore one of Jill's creations.

And, the wonderful Jill donated an amazingly lovely one
for our raffle...we sold tickets throughout the city...only
wanted Fine French luxury goods because afterall it was an
"April in Paris"

Grand Prize was a dinner for 12, hosted in your
own home, all flowers, all wines, and all musicians...
prepared by Houston's only Master Chef,
Fritz Geitzner
Houston Country Club.
Talk about good !!

please visit Jill's website to view ALL of her creations,
which are magnificient.  plus she can customize any
design you like into the colors, etc. you desire.




Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Morning Marsha, you look so lovely in that magnificent hat!! I wonder who won that scumptious prize?

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi dear Marsha
Speaking of new blog looks.. yours is wonderful.. the golden hues give it that something special...

Love the hat and the orange in the first image.. I'm not often one for orange .. but every now and then it just really grabs me!!

Have a lovely week.. ciao xxx Julie