Monday, March 21, 2011

Lanvin Jewelry & Lanvin Prices, Really?

Brass & Glass

Faux Pearls (?)
Brass Beads with Glass

Brass, Faux Pearls, Glass "crystals"
Blackened Metal chain, Glass "horns"
& glass pave

all I know is that these prices are
meaning absurb...not cool.
these pieces can be found in any
Chinese trash wholesale store on Harwin
here in Houston.  
maybe I would pay $15.00 for each of these. 

is the "Lanvin" name really
worth this price?

would you pay this price for dreck?

I love Alber. I adore Lanvin apparel.
But this, I don't adore.


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LPC said...

I agree.

Karena said...

No not seeing anything really special here!! I think I will go and look at your jewels a bit!!

Art by Karena

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Marsha, speaking as a lover of both costume jewellery and real, there seems to be this whole new wave of dress jewellery being made by designer labels, who then continue to charge designer prices and that seems to be acceptable because its designer, but the craftmanship still has to be there and authentic materials do really speak! Even If I had the money I would feel I as a customer was being exploited. Sharon xx

quintessence said...

I'm afraid I agree - these pieces most certainly do not warrant those price tags!

Belle de Ville said...

These prices are absurd. All I can think of is fashion victims when considering that someone would actually pay these prices for art project jewelry with a fancy French name.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

It's very strange...........these prices are not normal in my understanding!!!
I don't know,may be I can not decided,but I see you designs and I think that they are absolutely not less nice and talented,dear M.!


Rona said...

Ouch! I would want handmade one of a kind pieces with real pearls, diamonds etc for those prices