Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Chains !

This post begins with the news that my daughter's efforts
have succeeded in having the law of the small community in which she
lives to be changed so that

In thinking of her success...& I am SO proud of her perseverence...
I have been wondering how a society which views even
the suggestion of "torture" for interned terrrorists, who would
shoot any of us on sight, with hideous disdain could possibly allow
for the cruelty to animals.  Conumdrum?  Or lack of caring?

The photos of these dogs running free speaks volumes
(or is it volumns?) 
don't they?
All of nature's animals are born to be free. 
They are free of all worry or care, except of survival. 
Everything they need, really need, is provided by Mother Earth.

Unlike us.  We worry about everything. 
Does this mean we aren't free?

Someone recently wrote a post on "needing freedom."
I commented that along with freedom came responsibility.
Not even sure she wanted to get this serious.

But, I've been thinking about this quite a lot.
Real freedom for us humanoids requires a huge responsibility.
If we are not responsible, we must be apathetic.
And, who wants to be apathetic?

 Freedom is responsibility.
When you're free, you're automatically responsible for your own future.

It was difficult for my daughter, Vanessa, to step up to the plate on the
anti-chaining of dogs, not because she didn't truly believe in it, she did,
but because she is not a confident public fact, she hates
speaking in public.  But she saw this as a responsibility, therefore, she did it. 

She did it...and she won!

This simplistic example can be extrapolated infinitely.

I see our President already beginning his campaign to be re-elected.
Why? Because he likes being President.
And, he has been a completely ineffective President.
Does he deserve to be re-elected?
Not in my view.

And, do we really have the luxury to allow our incumbent
"President" to quit being President so that he can
"campaign" to be re-elected?

We have our military, our press and our national interests
in danger every single day in wars which should have been
won years ago.  We sat & watched Jimmy Carter let the
Shah of Iran fall, which has led to the instability of the entire region
and the advent of terrorists.

Will people who agree with me take on this critical fight
and get out there and voice their opinions, speak to everyone they know,
campaign for someone else, believe the future of America is important
enough to get out of our easy chairs, believe that each one of us
can truly make a difference?

What do you think?


  1. Hello,my dear friend Marsha!

    What a post,full of proud and freedom feeling!!!
    I am so happy for you daughter and for you,I know this feeling very good-proud about your kids:-)))*
    It gives you a HUGE happy feeling!

    And this qoute:''Freedom is Responsibility'' says too much about personality of each and everyone...Very,very good qoute:-)*
    I can say about myself:
    I want to be free in all my choices!!!
    But sometimes all things in your life going transverse,not so as you imagine...and than,you make decisions,which not always are right...but on another side:''what is right?!''
    One thing absolutely correctly,dear Marsha:
    ''Freedom is Responsibility'' about the future all of us and SURE,each of us can make a difference!!!

    Thank you so much for share it,

    My sunny hugs to you,

  2. I don't really agree with your opinions but that's okay. Well done to your daughter. What do you mean by chaining dogs though? At home or to poles when people are going inside to the shop or something?

  3. this is beautiful... just beautiful! congratulations to your daughter and I feel totally in agreement with your words darling one. xoxoxo btw, my hotmail account is no longer working :( I will be opening a new account soon. luvs

  4. Simply wonderful, all about freedom,
    As you so rightly say with freedom you are responsible for all the right and mistakes one does.
    Have a good day.

  5. To Ronaamal, this applies to dogs who are chained outside perpetually, which is animal abuse.

  6. Major kudos to your daughter! I was wondering how her campaign turned out.

    ~ Tracy

  7. Good for your daughter. And how satisfying to have a child able to make something she cares about happen.

  8. Here's to freedom! Loving your new banner, by the way.


    Thanks mom for the comments. The link above shows you an image of a dog that lives tied by an extention cord day and night/ night and day 365 days a year. This is what I wanted to stop.

    People still do this all around us, why? How can we just let this happen? I could not.

    Hugs mom...

  10. Marsha, You must be so proud of your daugher. Standing up for what you feel is right, often takes great courage. In agreement with your thoughts!!!

  11. I applaud your daughter's passion and commitment...xv

  12. So excited for your daughter Marsha. And not letting her fears control her. I wrote a piece about banks and their controlling ways to dictate fees and processing transactions so they could make more money. I got emails from "federal reserve". Interestingly there are consumer groups looking out for us. Responsibility takes time as your daughter knows. I wonder what happened to old fashioned biz making money the gentlemans way instead of taking it. Our laws haven't caught up w technology. Years ago I said that if you want change in the middle east parachute laptops in. Funny I read that this technology is riveting their antquated views on life. We are due for change. Just give us a congress who can actually get good policies in action and rid old ones that hold us back.

    Love your photos ... girl do a fashion mag. ;)

  13. bless your family.

    awards for you!

    thanks for leaving a comment under my post, please feel free to take an award from my post,


    no rules, share with 1 to 5 friends if you wish.

  14. What a fabulous accomplishment for your daughter!! You must be so proud of her - and rightly so!!

  15. Hello,my beautiful friend Marsha:-)*

    From the warmest source of my heart,wish you beyond lovely,graceful Easter days!
    May you creativity,talented mind and you wonderful soul enjoy every moment from this weekend!!!

    Much Love and sunny hugs to you,

  16. Oh Marsah, you must be SO proud of your daughter, what a fantastic achievement....and yes, with freedom does come responsibility, I totally agree. Great post xx

  17. That's fabulous news Marsha! Wonderful.

    Wise words about freedom.

    My favourite president was Clinton xx


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