Friday, September 23, 2011


the Earth provides some of the most spectacular places,
& some of the most beautiful.



road from Ambleside to Kirkstone, England

walkway inside the Rhode Glacier, Switzerland


railway to the Yukon

American Bald Eagles, at home in Alaska

largest tree in Yosemite National Park, California

truly amazing, taken from a plane

have a lovely weekend, everyone...

Go Texans & Patriots


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Catherine Robinson said...

Wonderful, spectacular images...your photograph from the plane is breathtaking...but, it's the puppy who stole my heart; what a wonderful picture.
Have a fabulous weekend, dear Marsha.

legend in his own lunchtime said...

Thanks for taking my head out of the mess at home and travel to all these beautiful places. Some familiar and some inspirational.
The Sun is shining. All is well. Have a lovely weekend.

LaPouyette said...

Absolutely Amazing! So stunning and beautiful pictures, what a wonderful world!

And the! Such a personality!

Have a lovely weekend too, Debra.

LaPouyette said...

Sorry Marsha! (not Debra), getting confused from time to time with names, calling even Oskar sometimes with Mr.B's name :)

Nuit said...

wow! our world is so beautiful........... mother nature loves us completely. The first image is totally unreal, first time I saw images of that Norway rock I got dizzy!!! xo to you Marsha :)

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Trylly amazing...............the Nature is amazing!!!
Huge beautiful places and images,Marsha!

And this labradorpuppy....OMG,just So lovely:-)))*

Much love,always you's


desde my ventana said...

The most beautiful pictures yo wosh a great weekend.
Hope that your will be perfect



ProjectHope7 said...

beautiful Marsha! love the photo taken from a plane and the dog so tenderly sleeping on the chair! have a great weekend.
Cathy B

Mrs P said...

Lovely images, I have seen the tree in Yosemite - what a beautiful place. Gorgeous puppy but do you have the woodburner lit there - I thought the weather was usually warm in Texas? Joanne x

Victoria said...

What stunning images!

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

That first image is awesome Marsha.
Happy weekend to you my friend.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Absolutely fantastic photos-this planet we live on is an amazing place created and designed by our Creator for our pleasure. Hope my life allows me more opportunities to see more of its beauty.

Go Texans!

Dustjacket Attic said...

That first one scares the daylights out of me...fabulous photo's.

See you Tue :)

Carmie of the Single Nester said...


Anonymous said...

Where is Oregon was that photo taken?? I live in Oregon and would really love to visit that spot. Thanks for sharing! -Kristin

Xtina S. said...

Wow the one in Oregon is gorgeous! Where in Oregon is it exactly?

Xtina S. said...

Wow the one in Oregon is gorgeous! Where in Oregon is it exactly?

Xtina S. said...

The one in Oregon is gorgeous! Where exactly in Oregon was it taken?

Social Action Program said...

Really Fine

Marggie said...

Where is the picture in Oregon from?

Anonymous said...

Where was the picture in Oregon taken...the lush green one?