Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scarf X25 Ways To Wear

This time of the year we turn to that vital accessory called a scarf.
I don't know about you, but I adore scarves.

Taken from Emily's Fashion Fois Gras blog this video of how
to wear a scarf shown, with tutorials, 25 different ways.

If you like a particular style, click on that image and you will have a tutorial,
to watch please GO HERE.

Created by a very talented young lady and her Mystery Man,
for more of her thoughts.



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  1. I adore scarfs as well, cannot have enough of them! Wearing them all year round....

    Have a lovely weekend,

    So pleased that you finally find the post about G.Armani ! When I created it I had you in mind....

  2. Gorgeous Marsha. You can't have enough scarves can you and to have different ways of wearing them is invaluable. XXXX

  3. Oh Marsha, I can't wait to view the tutorials! Scarfs are such a great way to add character to an outfit, whether classy or edgy.

    I just got in from shopping at Round Top and was considering wearing one to day... but not a chance... it was hotter than Hades!

  4. I wear scarves all year and always travel with scarves. Hats as well, wear hats all year and travel with two or three.
    No bandwidth so can't see the video, dang. I'd love more scarf ideas.

  5. I am a scarf girl!
    Thanks for letting us know!
    xo Yvonne

  6. I am a scarf addict and have a large collection which I am findingly increasingly difficult to house. I buy great ones in the French markets. Thanks for the link.

  7. I LOVE scarfs and wear them year round very often. They can add so much to even the simpliest of outfits. Going to go visit.....

  8. Fabulous - thanks! I'll be referring back to this all season. I just bought an Hermes scarf with the plan of framing it, but now I may just wear it and frame my own face.

  9. I adore scarves too Marsha. I always feel so French when I wear them. Plus they pamper your neck. French ladies seem to know all of the pampering tricks. Merci beaucoup for the "how to." Help is always welcome.

  10. My students call me the scarf lady, so I am going to check this out...i could use some new inspiration!!

  11. When do you have not good enouph make you creation with a scarf:-)))*

    Great link with a very good advices,and SO playfull!!!


  12. What a great topic to address. I love scarves of all sorts and sizes. They are my favorite functional accessory! Thanks for the links.

  13. I always love to see different interpretations of wearing scarves...just can't get enough of them. I just found a great little Hermes book on scarf tying at a thrift store...I don't think the second photo is in it! Always something new!

    I have my first give away and it's a Glassybaby!

  14. i am a scarf lover, never wear them here in the pacific tropical beaches though, but luckily for me, I am going to St Paul MN and Chicato next week and I'll be wearing my collection (yayyy)


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