Monday, September 26, 2011

Musings on Monday Night...

all of us who are in the
By Invitation Only
international blog party
are thinking carefully about next
Tuesday's post, on October 4th...

in the meantime,
this photo below shows how photography should be framed,
I know because my son told me & he's a professional commercial photographer

love this look, although I would not love to have this kitchen, I'm in need of waaaay more room

Now, this kitchen I love !
Aren't those bar stools clever ?

Love the dark walls, the greenery, the books, the pottery.

Wonderful use of the runners, I think.

Sophisticated & sleek.

At this point in my life I actually think I could be so happy in spaces like this?
Could you?

my favorite kitchen of all times

a new bracelet, stretchable
about $20 from my shop



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The Glamorous Gourmet said...

What beautiful and inspiring photos, Marsha! I adore that kitchen with the high ceilings and the beautiful beadboard - love it. You have such a fabulous eye for style:)

Fashion-isha said...

Wow! What a gorgeous post! I love the grey paint soothing. And the staircase is to die for!

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Just found your blog all the way from Spain (altho' I am British).My kitchen in Spain is about the size of the first image (perhaps a little longer) and it's a nightmare. I love cooking, so spend a lot of time in it. However, Spaniards eat out most of the time, so it's a typical size :-(
LOVE that gunmetal grey paint. I never thought that colour could look so stunning.

The enchanted home said...

Such gorgeous inspiration...amazing what a few black and white photos can do to a room, isn't it? STUNNING!

Victoria said...

I love the bedroom with the cormandel screen as a backdrop. Notice the roll-top silver butter dishes used as decoration on the end table...unusual and beautiful.

That kitchen you love is in Ina Garten's barn, isn't it? I love how she has flanked the island with lamps (drilled holes in the counter for wiring, I guess. I love that kitchen too for its great attention to detail...and its spaciousness. Oh, to have a kitchen that large!

Splenderosa said...

Oh Victoria, you certainly have an eye for detail, my friend. And, Ina Garten's kitchen, I didn't know. But I love Ina's kind of cooking, and use her recipes often. xx's

Haute World said...

I agree, the first kitchen is way too small for my liking, but I'm impressed how many framed photos they managed to fit in there! Love the other kitchens though. And the stairwell - so beautiful!

YONKS said...

Great images.
Thanks Marsha!