Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pretty Fall

now I will forever wonder if the precious little animal made it off the rock safely.
 I mean, the photographer got the pic, right?
Maybe someone saved the little guy.
I'm gonna believe...


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...All Things Refined said...

Beautiful fall decorations ...
And yes, I believe he made it off the rocks!

Entertaining Women said...

A beautiful blend of disparate elements. Love the organic texture of the limbs paired with the elegance of the silver chafing dish, and the ceramic patina of the happiness vases. Nicely conceived and executed! Thank you for inviting us to your table. Cherry Kay I hope that the little guy was a good jumper...or someone came along with a helicopter.

vicki archer said...

That is the most amazing picture of that sheep! I am sure he made it.....As for your autumn loveliness...simply beautiful...xv

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Marsha,
Such beautiful and luxurious Autumnal images....I LOVE this time of year. Our son and daughter-in-law got married on 18th October 2008 and was such a special day so, Autumn holds so many happy memories.
........and, that photograph of the poor sheep....I'm sure that he was rescued and now enjoys a happy, rock-free life !!!! Fingers crossed !! XXXX

Acquired Objects said...

Beautiful settings for fall but it's that MOUNTAIN GOAT that really made me smile. Trust me he simply walked back onto the side he's facing, see in the back there the mountain slopes so all he has to do is step on this is what mountain goats do. It does make you stop though doesn't it?

Ann said...

Stunning settings!

LENE said...

Dear sweet Marsha
I have to tell you, that the picture of the lamb on the rock, is here in Norway. Noller and I was on the same rock this summer.
The mountain is called Kjerag and lies in the Lysefjord, not far from the famous Pulpit Rock. The stone which the sheep are standing on, stucj here during the last ice age. There is one thousand meters straight down under the animal. Do not worry ... the animal was rescued.
Love you!