Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Treatise on Fashion

as most of my reader's know, I don't often pontificate...
usually because I don't have to do this to make my point.

however, when I saw this exceptional photograph, 
which will appear in Vogue China,
the urge to give you my take was strong.

look carefully.
perfect composition,
black & white...almost.
woman leaning on a stark white pedestal, nothing more as a prop or set decoration.

amazing styling, amazing photography, amazing model.
all evoking sophistication, glamour, luxury, whimsy, femininity...
 the ultimate "to die for" look in fashion today.

now, look again.
this look is not for the 20-somethings, or even the 30-somethings.
this is the look of "us" ... the 40-somethings and beyond.

& truly, I believe any elegant woman over 40 can wear this look if she has the occasion
and the confidence, even one who is 70.


hair ornament - less or more ornamental - so hugely important now.
uncomplicated hair.
ruffles - less or more.
jewelry - less probably,  but look again - there are no earrings.
black with toast-colored leather gloves - which makes it a "now" fashion.
gold lipstick - probably not, but doesn't it just fit perfectly in the color palette?

the presentation of "fashion" has always been to be way over-the-top,
not because this is the precise way one needs to wear an outfit,
but because one is given so many options within the story.

a little black dress or suit can be brought to life right now by the addition of
a great headband, bow, or bit of veiling.
one needn't go any farther.
beautiful pumps (yes),  nice hosiery (yes again), gorgeous black pearl earrings, and a little black clutch.
but, somehow, by adding ONLY the hair ornament to the normal accessories one can achieve this luxurious, sophisticated look.

or add a piece of statement jewelry, a beautiful necklace, or maybe double
cuffs, one for each arm, to take a black dress from safe to dynamite.

this example from "Fault" Magazine

I have a Donna Karan outfit very very much like this...it's about 11 years old, black, shirred,
matte jersey, asymmetrical neckline making a necklace impossible...but I wear a killer belt for
day, and the double cuffs for evening...really...I searched out this photo as an example to show you.

as I'm not a jet-setter or Daphne Guinness it is important to me
to purchase excellent quality apparel, not tons of it, but important pieces
which will last and which fit my lifestyle...
pieces I can change by adding accessories.  
those vitally important accessories.
shoes, bags, hosiery, jewellry, scarves, shawls, gloves & now hair ornaments.

only 1 new killer outfit a season is my rule. 
I buy beautifully made apparel because I know it lasts.
I have many Escada pieces, my favorite for travel because the fabrics
are so excellent, they never wrinkle, they are all pure natural fibers of such
weightlessness it is pleasurable to wear the pieces...and one important thing
to me is that they do not collect or attract LINT.
but I don't have any rules for accessories.
my thinking:  accessories are neither fatal nor permanent, they are NOW.

be brave, ladies...try something new, different & exciting,
change your hair for one night,
wear sparkly shoes, carry an outrageous handbag,
make your friends say "WOW!!"
don't be boring, don't be predictable.

look at our new jewelry & headbands, links just under the header.

& remember "you are not alone."


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Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love this post! I think all of us are looking for that perfect balance between classic, sophisticated, and fun!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I love your statement "Accessories are neither fatal nor permanent, they are NOW." Says it all Marsha.

Nuit said...

your post of today is extremely inspiring and insightful, i LOVE it!!! and couldnt agree more, one has to lose the fear and try new things everyday. Love and xo

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

You says very good,dear Marsha:''you are not alone'':-)))*

Fantastic music and song of Maikel...

Look around,is just absolutely magnificent much wonderful talented and isnpirational people,ideas,looks!!!

You are one of them,most talented,full of great ideas,wonderful and so wise person,Marsha!

ADORE this first image so,so very much:-)))*

My warmest hugs,

Catherine Robinson said...

I think we have the same dress, Marsha :) Love the cuffs with it...I think I will invest in these, perfect!
Fabulous post, as always.

Casa Très Chic said...

Ok, you're so inspired today, your post is fabulous.
I have to try something new.
Big hugs