Sunday, October 9, 2011


maybe I should have done this post for the
By Invitation Only
post last Tuesday, the one where we had to
sort out the importance of detail.

the framed collection, the beautifully restrained stairway,
the draperies, the silver chandelier - very spare in appearance,
gleaming hardwood floors completely bare...

& then we had 
Karl Lagerfeld's latest collection,
& I'm certain his most unsalable one...
lots of waaaaay over-the-top, swaddling waddling outfits
which make even the thinnest tallest woman on the planet
look hideous.  Seriously.

(I have thought for awhile that KL needs to forget designing Coke cans,
branding craziness, etc.  He hasn't asked me, but I think he is spread too thin
& needs to work on Chanel & Fendi & forget everything else
for a bit)

Therefore, some of the accessories are all I will

this little silver shimmery bootie
will be the ICONIC shoe of the Spring season, it will be a
complete sell-out.

& it's mate, this sandal gladiator thing.

acrylic seashell handbag with pearl embellishments
depicting the theme of "water."

& this little seashell-embellished clutch...
both will sell

in the entire collection the only piece of apparel I believe will sell
is this simple silver lame long skirt, which can be worn with a simple
white tee & it would look better...

another look at opulence & style
this bugle-beaded necklace, tied into a giant knot
on a simple chain, but I love it...

black lacquered, leopard fabric chair,
totally great

& this divine room, which is elegant & opulent,
but it still looks comfortable and livable, doesn't it?

what can I tell you, even Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton overdid
his design work...

Valentino's collection was almost perfect, as I'm sure you've seen,
so I'll show you the shoes I died over...

the detail of a perfect long dress, with a little red shoe,
this outfit only had the red near the hemline, so very soft 
coloring of the entire gown, closing at the hemline with red.

I haven't seen this headboard, but I'll definitely take it !!
Beautiful fretwork head & footboard against the dark walls
has created an opulent & stylish room.

Miu Miu
handbags worth noting...nothing else, including the shoes/boots

these handbags are a great little shape & they will be sold
in every single solid color & multi-combination imaginable.
Home Run on this one.


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vicki archer said...

Love your choices today Marsha....xv

My Passport to Style said...

Loving the silver accessories, lets hope Carl listens to your advise! Sharon xx

The enchanted home said...

Wow lots to love here, such beautiful workmanship.....yes this would have been perfect do highlight the beauty in details!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love the post...the beautiful creativity!

quintessence said...

All beautiful details. Too bad about the collections!! ADORE that bugle beaded necklace - that is something I know I would wear time and time again. And those little Miu Miu bags are adorable.

Nuit said...

je adore this post!!! oh-so rich! I do agree with you on KL though, needs to take a deep breath and take it easy. Love the necklace with giant knot!!! xo

Bring Pretty Back said...


Greet said...

Oh dear Marsha,
Valentino's shoes are indeed to die for!
Love love love them!

Blue Turtle said...

The chandelier at the grand living room is awesome. It adds class to the place. Beautiful!

J. Harp
writer @ Murano Chandeliers

Victoria said...

Beautiful images, beutiful accessories, but my favorite is that fretwork bed. As Rachel Zoe would say, "I die!"

Catherine Robinson said...

Just love the elegant...I think I would love the house too :)
The first pair of Valentino's shoes are on my wish list!
Have a lovely week, Marsha.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Valentino´s shoe and one dress: combination lace&silk,white with red tooks my breath away!


Macarena said...

That leopard chair is uber stylish! Xoxo

LaPouyette said...

Yes - it's in the detais!
Well chosen images.

Funny - I had in the 1980s a necklace, made of fine leather strings with exactly the same knot like the one on your post.
Fashion comes and goes....