Thursday, November 10, 2011

Regence in Texas

The beautiful entryway of a home in Austin, Texas,
appearing this month in the lovely magazine


which was just featured by my Houston neighbor, Joni Webb of 
Cote d'Texas

hop over to see the rest of the home...

just goes to show not everything is hats & boots 'round here...

just got my copy of Southern Living magazine filled with Thanksgiving goodies
and cannot wait to go for my pedicure this morning which will give me time to
read it from cover-to-cover.

love to all


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Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hello dear Marsha - Yes indeed, Texas isn't all metal Texas star signs and bulky furniture. Leave it to Joni to create another jaw-dropping home. I think she needs her own Houston holiday named after her, or a street perhaps? It was so great to hear from you. Yes, life has been a huge, hurricane sized blurr. I suspect the blurr will subside around Jan. lol. I have to return to the states to get my Visa. Nope...didn't do it before I left like a huge idiot. Graham thought I could apply once here..nope! I hope to jump on board with 'By Invitation' soon, but not sure how the next few weeks are going to play out. Just know I'll be in WA & OR & don't know for how long? I hope you are fabulous and you had a relaxing pedicure this a.m?

Much love,