Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dream Day, By Invitation Only, Chapter 9

I really cannot say how important this is to me.

The fact that so many wonderful women in our blogland are our friends
is a blessing beyond belief.

So, my "Dream Day" has happened already.
When all the lovely & brilliant women accepted my invitation to join me in a new adventure

"By Invitation Only" 

I was overwhelmed with gratitude and  beyond thrilled.

My dream day happened the 1st Tuesday of September 2011, our 1st post.

Our Dream Membership

TISH JETT an American in France http://afemmeduncertainage.blogspot.com/ 
CATHERINE ROBINSON in London http://www.catherinerobinsoncashmere.com/ 
ANNIE BOUTERSE USA http://plumsiena.blogspot.com/
COTY FARQUHAR in Australia http://cotyfarquhar.blogspot.com/
FIFI FLOWERS artist with Parisian flair  http://fififlowers.com 
DEBORAH PETERSON between Houston & Scotland http://www.dumbwittellher.com/
DUSTJACKET ATTIC, Debra in Australia http://dustjacketattic.blogspot.com/
JACQUELINE MUMFORD England http://home-biba.blogspot.com/
VICKI ARCHER an Australian in France http://frenchessence.blogspot.com/
CECILIA GONZALEZ Spain http://desdemventana.blogspot.com/
RENEE GRANIER & ANGELA FOSTER USA http://underspanishmoss.com/
LISA USA not participating this month http://amidprivilege.com
FRANCINE GARDNER a woman of the world in NYC http://interieurs.com blog
CHRISTINA FLUEGGE USA http://greigedesign.blogspot.com/
STACEY BEWKES USA http://quintessence.com
SANDE CHASE Canada www.agiftwrappedlife.com
KAREN MALAN UK Pas Grand-Chose Blog http://athousandmiles-k.blogspot
DEJA PSEU USA unefemme.net.
VERONICA tasselsandtwigs.blogspot.com/

members please link up below



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Marsha,
I'm so pleased that 'By Invitation Only' has been the success that it's been .....and, it's all down to you. I am so pleased to have been part of it from the begining and hope that it goes on for many years to come.
Wishing you a lovely week .... much love. XXXX

Catherine Robinson said...

How lovely Marsha...the success of 'By Invitation Only' is I agree with Jacky all down to you...you're a wonderful inspirational lady and I'm very happy to be a small part of this fabulous group of ladies.
A very touching post...you're a sweetheart.

dustjacket said...

That is so so sweet Marsha...have a gorgeous day.
oxoxox dj

The enchanted home said...

Awwwh....so kind Marsha!! We are lucky to have YOU, our fearless glamorous and hopelessly chic leader!! This was such a great idea you had..such fun to see everyone and how they interpret our various themes and ideas!

Coty Farquhar said...

I am so thrilled to see your post, Marsha... I was totally expecting something else. Thank you for bringing us all together.
Your new shop is fantastic, beautiful and very exciting. I wish you so much success with it and I'm sure you will be very
busy making all your divine pieces.

Sending love to you, xx Coty

LeAnn said...

A lovely sentiment from a lovely lady!
Thank you, dear Marsha, for bringing us all together!
I'm here...late as usual, but I'm here! xoxo~L

LaPouyette said...

A "grand merci" Marsha! I do hope that your idea, the BIO- posting, will continue.

All my best wishes for your new shop, for you and your family;
Have a lovely weekend, warmest greetings,