Wednesday, June 6, 2012

& Now, Another Word

about 2 of my top 3 designers in all the world...

I've gone on & on about this here in my blog, and everyone knows
I am a visionary :)'s

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

from Full House to CFDA Award Winners 2012

Womenwear Designer of the Year
true professionals recognized by the industry.
luxury fabrics coupled with a styling which is flattering to every single woman on the
planet, pieces which can be worn forever, not flash-in-the-pan looks, but edgy
& sophisticated. 
the 2 sisters have become famous for their fashion-design skills
without using their name on any of their labels,
but by laboring hard and building their brands on the merit of the brand,
not on being TV stars from another time.
I applaud them.

& then there is

Marc Jacobs, Resort 2013

striking interplay of proportion, color & floral prints
inspired by an artist's painting of clowns.

clown-like this is not.

the longer lengths, these wonderfully casual striped Tee-Shirts & Dresses
will be seen EVERYWHERE I'm predicting,
but not with those shoes, and not worn like these photos which are showing
the outfits, not the people.

I realize I'm gotta get slapped for liking this collection, but I see the
wearability and styling as something I could work with.
Marc is a trend setter, and I surely do like this trend, and so will all the younger
consumers...the ones who purchase NEW fashion all the time, the ones who make the
marketplace.  just slow way down and try to visualize how these looks can work for you...
maybe only wear the little tee with slacks or a pencil skirt?
the maxi dress is fabulous and can go from morning to midnight,
just change accessories...

& remember


newest little dangles
bronze with turquoise
can be worn now and going forward
also available in black & Armani blue

1/2" wide stretchable bronze bracelet
available in black/silver & matte gold also

one of my favs...
little wrap bracelet with pink crystal bow
also available in black

36" rope necklace
layer them on
available in silver also

stackable ring set

chunky turquoise acrylic stones necklace
17" long

all will be on my website later today

& oh yes...


rounds out the top 3 designers in the world today,
all American, all totally different,
just like the rest of us !!


a huge thank you to everyone who visited the ladies of

we will take a 2-month hiatus and will return in
with some new members & new themes.


& debuting the new Splenderosa header for summer...

I love it, do you?



Loui♥ said...

love the clean fresh look of your site!!
always a pleasure to pop in..
peruse your offerings..
leaving with a smile!
today..after doing as you suggested..
my attention was focused on the clothing..
not on the models..
even so.. the Marc Jacobs entries..
were in my opinion..
downright UGLY!
those awful stripes..
looked just like shiny duct tape!!
am so glad I do NOT adhere..
to what "FASHION" dictates!
thanks for the smile..
and laughter today..

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Marc JAcobs and Tom Ford! Love them both, but the styling of those stripe dresses...not! Those girls are a little creepy looking.

The link party yesterday was great, thank you for hosting.