Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm Back.....


has everyone seen JT's newest video/ad for Budweiser/performances on TV, etc.
for his single "Suit & Tie?"

well, he seems to be everywhere these days, and one has to admit the man has

I really love the song, but it seems better when you "see" it, you know?

& just learned from Jimmy Fallon, who had him on his show all last week, that
he had already sold over 1Million downloads on ITunes in the 1st few days.

anyway, the vacay was so happy though we didn't do anything special.
just hung out, walked around, sat around, wined & dined,
went to the spa, the hair salon, read read read,
acted as if we were French as long as no one could hear us.
a recommended holiday for those of you who can be happy being quiet.
this is the beginning of the "off-season" so no celebs anywhere...OK by us...
just lots of blue blue water with mild sunny days.

Now for the  8  winners of the 8 pieces of jewelry...


Congrats to everyone!

& remember 1st come, 1st serve...
which means you get to choose your piece of jewelry in the order in which you respond.

I am thrilled beyond belief at the wonderful responses to this giveaway and to my blog.
it's very gratifying, my friends.

thank you
thank you
thank you



lynn ross said...

Hi Marsha , I couldn't believe my name was on the list of winners!!!
I'm thrilled - thank you so very much for all the fun of reading your Blog. Lynn Ross.

The enchanted home said...

Welcome home. I bet it was wonderful and it sounds soooo relaxing! I can almost feel those warm breezes now, yes JT is extremely talented no doubt! Congrats to all your winners.

HeartWings said...

I'm so excited!!!! Thank you Marsha! I would love, love the aquamarine earrings!!! My birthday is coming up on Saturday the 23rd and these are my birthstones! Fabulous!!!! Big Hugs!

vicki archer said...

Lucky girls... and how wonderfully generous you are Marsha... xv

VM Creation Atelier said...

Marsha,my dear!:-)*
I am so glad for'd need these break!

And such a HUGE congrats to all of ladies,happy winners of Marsha's jewelleries!!!

Sending to you my warm,vibrant,sunchine hugs:-)*

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

"Acted as if we were French as long as no one could hear us".
So much fun!!
Welcome back.

cindy hattersley design said...

I am absolutely besotted with Justin Timberlake. I watched him on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago and then every night last week on Jimmy Fallon (whom I also adore). Not only is he unbelievably talented (in my book), he has class, style, and seems to be such a nice guy. I haven't downloaded anything on Itunes in ages but I am dragging out the IPOD!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Glad you are back safe and sound.
So you had a RESTFULL TIME.
You were very wonderful giving all those gifts, Congrats to all the Lucky winners.

therelishedroost said...

Thank you!!!!! You are the best ever!! I was away and what a great surprise to see I was a winner!! I will take whatever is left because they are all fabulous!!!!
Big XO Karolyn