Thursday, March 14, 2013

GREAT GIVEAWAY, open to followers only

(this is a re-post from yesterday)
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welcome Spring !

to help you get your new looks going we are having a 

now, I realize some of you only wear "real" jewelry,

there are still those of us who wear our
"Summer Diamonds"
(some are real, & some are not)

 open to all followers who leave a comment

that's right, there are 8 pieces of jewelry in the giveaway.
so there will be 8 winners.

TOP ROW, left to right

1/2" wide turquoise stretchable bracelet
black cord with crystal bar, adjustable bracelet
earrings, black teardrops with filigree top
diva drop earrings 3" long, aquamarine crystals
turquoise dangle earrings with crystals

BOTTOM ROW, left to right

small dangle earrings, mint/gold
bold turquoise acrylic necklace 37" long
petite silver bow ring

I will post the names of the winners on Sunday night, your may choose

your gift in the order your response is received.  isn't that nice?
so, keep a look out for the post on Sunday night.


in trying to improve my blog I had made a dedicated effort to always bring something new

& interesting to the content.  I cannot expect anyone to follow if they get bored with what I post.
now, I'll readily admit there are some women who absolutely have no interest in what
interests me, and that's OK...but for those of you who want to see content about

travel, in a very nice style

lifestyle, my style
fashion, what rocks with elegance
tabletop, served up with opulence
news from everywhere, presented with my take on it
& every now & then a recipe...
bragging about my young grandchildren, or my adult kids
& maybe a photo or 2 of me with a new hair-do or makeup

 & of supreme importance, the publication on the 1st Tuesday of each month of

"By Invitation Only"
contributed by an international group of women who were invited to be members
of this lovely group.

& if the Earth doesn't stop turning we will expand these horizons significantly.

now, for comparison's sake only,

the pair of earrings below may be found at BHLDN,
Anthropology's bridal salon
@ $215.

do you think they compare to the beautiful turquoise/crystal drops above

which will be offered on my website for $80?

to pre-order please email

Coterie Chandeliers

I love hearing from each one of you, 
and welcome to anyone who becomes a new follower,
please be certain to tell me in your comment.

giveaway pics are now posted separately, they are the 
same as collage, which many people haven't been able to view.
collage made in Picasa then posted to blogger, must not have worked correctly, I am so sorry.

Black Teardrop with Filigree Top, Posts

Diva Drops, Aquamarine Crystals 3"

small dangle earrings, mint/gold

bold turquoise acrylic necklace 37" long

petite "BOW" ring, stretchable

turquoise stone & crystal, 
post earrings
the ones I think totally outclass BHLDN's

black cord with crystal bar, adjustable bracelet

1/2" wide turquoise stretchable bracelet


we're wasting away in margaritaville...
looking for that lost shaker of salt...

where all this turquoise jewelry would be smashing.



Chicatanyage said...

I love the turquoise drops. So fresh for summer. Glad to hear you ship to Europe.

Dash said...

Marsha I don't think you need to worry about your content, just keep doing what your doing, your blog is always a joy.

Ellen said...

The splendor of springtime is coming alive within nature's eternal springs, feeling alive with eyes wide open, new enthusiasm, and joy to once again, be glade to be alive. Wearing Splenderosa jewels... can only enhance the interal beauty of us all to shine in equal stance of the many wonders of springtime. Who needs a new wardrobe, when one can enjoy wearing an item of Splenderosa jewels and feel like a new spring chicken just hatched? Beautiful items, beauty to behold and worn.

Janet said...

Beautiful Pieces! They would be great for spring! Thanks for the Great Giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pieces. You really cannot go wrong. I love your blog. Lynn

Anonymous said...

All of the pieces are lovely, and would make welcome accessories to a spring wardrobe.

Julia Karr said...

These are all so lovely! Especially the "Diva Drops!" I love aquamarine! :)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Some very beautiful pieces here--how generous of you to give some of these baubles away! Love and always read your blog....

Kathryn in Canada said...

I read your blog every day! I love your content, and enjoy the addition of Invitation Only. So many talented women out there! Some of them have been added to my list of favourites that I check in to regularly. Your jewelry line is lovely, I especially love the Diva Drops. Aquamarine is always so fresh and light for Spring and Summer. Keep up the good work, I am always inspired by your blog.

Simone said...

Such a lovely assortment, and so original, now know where to pop by when looking for gifts!

nsk said...

love small dangle earrings, mint/gold

nsk said...

love small dangle earrings, mint/gold...this will become one of my fav for spring and summer

Francesca Muir said...

Such a generous gesture Dear Marsha. Thank you . Have a lovely weekend. F x

Wendy Kennedy said...

Every one of them is stunning! Kudos!

Wendy Kennedy said...

Every one of them is stunning! Kudos!

Colleen Taylor said...

Beautiful collection of gems. Would be difficult to choose, however, the diva earrings are divine, the turquoise & stone are a total knockout!

Anonymous said...

Marsha, all of them are incredibly gorgeous, I don't know how I could choose just one as I would want and covet all of them! But...if I had to choose just one, I would go with those gorgeous turquoise stone and crystal earrings, but then I would also have to have the turquoise bracelet!

Sally said...

I LOVE the Diva Drops, it is as if you are floating in a crystal pool.

Sally said...

I LOVE the Diva Drops. It is as if you are floating in a crystal pool.

linda said...

LOVE the Diva Drops-I have so many things in my closet that would look great with them...Love your blog-Linda

Anonymous said...

Ooh la la - lovely pieces.


Ruth said...

I do love the aquamarine earrings. March is my birthday (along with my identical twin) and they would be so appropriate!

May said...

Gorgeous things! All of them

May said...

Gorgeous things! All of them.

Karen@PasGrand-Chose said...

Dear Marsha, it would be a dream to own any of your lovely jewellery, though the aquamarine diva drops would certainly top my wish list. Also love the simple elegance of the black teardrops.

Madbchbuny said...

Your pieces are so unique and your blog has given me (over 60) the courage to step outside my "box" and wear multiple bracelets and my father's vintage watch on the same arm! Thank you!

Madbchbuny said...

Your pieces are truly unique! Your blog has given me (being over 60) the courage to step outside my "box" and I now wear multiple bracelets with my father's vintage watch on the same arm! Thank you!

Mrs A said...

Hi Marsha, your pieces are lovely, particularly the diva drops and the turquoise stone and crystal, your blog is one of immense style and good taste, we all like that ! buona giornata, bella :)

The enchanted home said...

Wow someone is going to be VERY happy!! Your things are just beautiful Marsha and this is a very generous giveaway.
Did you see the "shout out" on my current post to something you recommended to me!

La Petite Gallery said...

It's all lovely. I myself loved the Black earrings and that necklace is to die for.
Good luck on the give-a-way.

Rosemary Nardone said...

They are all lovely but I think the bangle is my favorite. Just a nice pop of color with any outfit. Hope you are doing well!!

NYC Style and a little Cannoli

notchke said...

How generous. All are beautiful, as this blog is. I like stories about fashion and lifestyle. Keep up the good work and thanks for your effort.
Nina from Michigan

Desert Linda said...

Hi, Your blog is always wonderful to see in my "IN" box. I love everything. I particulary like the turquoise bracelet. Desert Linda