Tuesday, March 12, 2013

JEWELRY GIVEAWAY/open to followers only

welcome Spring !

to help you get your new looks going we are having a 

now, I realize some of you only wear "real" jewelry,
there are still those of us who wear our
"Summer Diamonds"
(some are real, & some are not)

 open to all followers who leave a comment

that's right, there are 8 pieces of jewelry in the giveaway.
so there will be 8 winners.

TOP ROW, left to right
1/2" wide turquoise stretchable bracelet
black cord with crystal bar, adjustable bracelet
earrings, black teardrops with filigree top
diva drop earrings 3" long, aquamarine crystals
turquoise dangle earrings with crystals

BOTTOM ROW, left to right
small dangle earrings, mint/gold
bold turquoise acrylic necklace 37" long
petite silver bow ring

I will post the names of the winners on Sunday night, your may choose
your gift in the order your response is received.  isn't that nice?
so, keep a look out for the post on Sunday night.


in trying to improve my blog I had made a dedicated effort to always bring something new
& interesting to the content.  I cannot expect anyone to follow if they get bored with what I post.
now, I'll readily admit there are some women who absolutely have no interest in what
interests me, and that's OK...but for those of you who want to see content about

travel, in a very nice style
lifestyle, my style
fashion, what rocks with elegance
tabletop, served up with opulence
news from everywhere, presented with my take on it
& every now & then a recipe...
bragging about my young grandchildren, or my adult kids
& maybe a photo or 2 of me with a new hair-do or makeup

 & of supreme importance, the publication on the 1st Tuesday of each month of
"By Invitation Only"
contributed by an international group of women who were invited to be members
of this lovely group.

& if the Earth doesn't stop turning we will expand these horizons significantly.

now, for comparison's sake only,
the pair of earrings below may be found at BHLDN,
Anthropology's bridal salon
@ $215.

do you think they compare to the beautiful turquoise/crystal drops above
which will be offered on my website for $80?

to pre-order please email

Coterie Chandeliers

I love hearing from each one of you, 
and welcome to anyone who becomes a new follower,
please be certain to tell me in your comment.

giveaway pics are now posted separately, they are the 
same as collage, which many people haven't been able to view.
collage made in Picasa then posted to blogger, must not have worked correctly, I am so sorry.

Black Teardrop with Filigree Top, Posts

Diva Drops, Aquamarine Crystals 3"

small dangle earrings, mint/gold

bold turquoise acrylic necklace 37" long

petite "BOW" ring, stretchable

turquoise stone & crystal, 
post earrings
the ones I think totally outclass BHLDN's

black cord with crystal bar, adjustable bracelet

1/2" wide turquoise stretchable bracelet


we're wasting away in margaritaville...
looking for that lost shaker of salt...

where all this turquoise jewelry would be smashing.



June Lovell said...

love your look and love your jewelry. actually, i also love the house tours/gardens and vacations; and oh yeah, i love the clothes, too. your blog is addictive.

Splenderosa said...

This is the sweetest of all, just to know.

Priscilla said...

Loving your blog... that's why I follow it!

martinealison said...

C'est toujours un véritable ravissement que de pénétrer dans votre univers... Aujourd'hui je suis triste car la première photo ne se développe pas... Cependant, je rêve devant votre paire de boucles d'oreille qui finalise cette jolie publication.
Gros bisous à vous

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Marsha...for some reason, I cannot see the image of what you are giving away.
I am entering sight unseen. I can only imagine the beauty that you have chosen for us!
I love your new banner!

carolyn bradford said...

I have loved your blog from the time I started blogging! I remember being very intimidated by you…and now I love you and your honesty! I love your blogging approach and your self confidence! I feel like a better blogger just because of knowing you. Please don't cringe at that! I'm sorry! But I do! You are the queen of telling it like it is and giving us beautiful things to look at! Thank you for all of your inspiration! Your jewelry is beautiful! I've loved my leggings…thank you!!!!

Splenderosa said...

Intimidated by me? Impossible, mi amor. But, you know that now, don't you? Thank you, precious Carolyn.

Splenderosa said...

Lynne, just reload the post. I think that will work. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

Have followed your fun blog for a long time now and always enjoy it!

Chicatanyage said...

I do love the drop earrings you feature above. I also admire some of the simple bangles you show from time to time. Not sure if you ship to Europe. I know it can be difficult with duty and customs etc.

Caroline@thebalancedapproach said...

Hi Marsha - I too can not access the photo on my email or your site- but anything turquoise is always beautiful!! And from the other side of the world St Barts looks like a place I must put on my bucket list!

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Hi Carolyn, always enjoy your beautiful blog and wonderful items ... however I can't see the images other than the earrings at the bottom, and I have reloaded the page sorry :(

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

I first started to follow you when I started to blog and have had great delight and inspiration from your posts and the posts of other to whom I have been introduced via you "by Invitation Only: series. Many thanks and warm regards.

Grazia Cannavò said...

Amo il tuo blog!

Amo i tuoi splendidi gioielli (li indosserei tutti...), amo l'eleganza senza tempo degli abiti e dei soggetti che proponi, amo gli scorci pieni di fascino delle dimore in cui ci fai entrare, amo l'opulenza di certe apparecchiature...


Victoria said...

Hi, Marsha,
I cannot see the image of your jewelry either and I have reloaded the page several times.

Mora said...

Your blog is as refreshing as a spring breeze. Love it!

lynn ross said...

Such a fun Blog...and what lovely items to look at & purchase. Thank you!!

lynn ross said...

Thank you for such a beautiful Blog...so happy & pretty!

Anonymous said...

Can't see the photo

kathy zeitlin said...

Your blog is beautiful and I love your jewels! Thank you for taking the time to share your life! (I am not able to see the jewelry~not computer won't open photo.)

linda said...

I wake up early each morning and look forward to your blog-It is how I start my day-thank you-Linda

linda said...

I wake up very early every morning to your blog-It's the way I start my day-Thank You-Linda

HeartWings said...

Marsha, you know I love your blog! I love the jewelry, the fashion, your style...it's all great! Thanks so much for sharing with your readers! Melissa Lee

HeartWings said...

Marsha, you know I love your blog! The jewelry, fashion, your style....it's all wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing beautiful things with your faithful readers!
Melissa Lee

Goldie Stetten said...

Love your blog! The photo will not load for me either. I have tried three times on my iPad. I know the pieces must be great!

barbara from memphis said...

keep on comming....great news, jewelry, usic and updates...do not chanfe a thing.

hmichelle said...

Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I win.

Cheryl Lee-Roberts said...

A girl can never have too much jewelry - and yours is exquisite.
Would quite happily combine it with diamonds real or diamonds summer and am very inspired after seeing the visually stunning Anna Karenina movie. Oh for those jewels.....

Cheryl Lee-Roberts said...

I would happily wear your jewelry combined with real diamonds, summer diamonds or no diamonds at all. And am so inspired by the visual beauty of the jewels in the movie Anna Karenina - what sparkle and magnificence! Thank you for adding to the sparkle in life.

Savannah Attic said...

You have a Great Selection. And in Comparison to the higher end jewelry
you are beating them with a wooden spoon Girl!! Love it All and Could use some new oieces here in Savannah.

Anonymous said...

I can't even tell you how much I love your blog...each morning yours is the very first one that I open up, get my coffee and sit there and enjoy. I love everything about it, the fabulous jewelry, comments on the house tours, just everything! I llo forward to it very day. Thanks for creating such a beautiful and enjoyable blogs.

VM Creation Atelier said...


You blog is one of my favoirite,thoughtsful bloggs ever!:-)*
I mean it,that's true,because here by you can shop,you can relax,laugh and much more....
I get always a beautiful inspiration ideas by you!!

Thank you for the Universe, that I can meet your through a virtual world:-)))*

Love you!

Talia said...

Your blog is beautiful and I always look forward to visiting. The best 'eye candy' out there! Sadly, I can't see the images, but have purchased your earrings and they are a favorite of mine (and my daughters - who 'borrows' them all the time!). Your jewelery is one of a kind and so lovely.

Thank you for sharing beauty.

Talia said...

Your blog is beautiful - I love the posts on clothing, jewelry, homes, gardens, well, all of it! I can't see the images, but have purchased your earrings so I know how gorgeous your pieces are! (btw...my daughter seems to have 'borrowed' my favorites from you and taken them to College with her)

Thank you for spreading beauty of the world wide web!

kallen1105 said...

Wow... what a great giveaway... thanks for the chance. I love your blog. It inspires me.

Peggy said...

Unfortunately I, too, am unable to view the featured items of jewelry...no matter how many times I re-load. But nevermind--I instinctively know they are fabulous, as is everything from Splenderosa! A new piece of jewelry would be a wonderful way to start the season...thanks for the opportunity. xo

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading new posts on your blog, I know mostly likely I'll learn or see something new, attractive or just something fun to enjoy. I am curious as to what your friend decided to do with his home prior to listing it for sale.

Amye Gumbinner said...

Happy Spring to you and thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! You are amazing and I am so enjoying the music. I cannot see the images but I am very sure they are all stunning!

Goldie Stetten said...

Thanks for republishing the pics of these great pieces, love them all!

Katrine said...

J'adore your jewelry! Keep it coming!

Katrine said...

J'adore your jewelry!! And your blog. Thanks for beautifying my days.

Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! Everything is so gorgeous! I'm one of your newest followers!

lovestardestiny said...

Thanks for this giveawy hope to win

lovestardestiny said...

All these jewellery items are gorgeous

lovestardestiny said...

ahh I really want to win

Jan said...

Marsha thank you for the giveaway, love it all. I've been a follower for about a year now and always look forward to your splendid taste and take on things, thank you for that too.

clenna said...

Beautiful jewelry and I love your site too.

clenna at aol dt com

Carla B. Reeves said...

Marsha, Your blog is beautiful and always interesting. Love your jewelry too...it's always cutting edge elegant!

Anonymous said...


I love to open your blog and hear the music. It is just so beautiful and just lightens up my mood, It sets the tone
for your beautiful inspirations of jewelry. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration everyday.

Pamela said...

I can't see the image either, but I love ALL your jewelry...and all your posts and I look forward to those emails every day. Plus, I'm a Texan, too, only a short distance away from you...in Beaumont. Thanks for the giveaway and your many inspirations.

Lisa S. said...

I am also in Houston and enjoy following your blog ( by email). Your music and pictures are always so beautiful.

ProjectHope7 said...

Marsha, I am a long time follower, though I rarely post. But I love whenI check my emails and I see an updated post email from your site... I quickly click on it, even though I may not have the time at the moment, just to see what you have in store for your readers! Your posts often stir in me, memories of when I traveled the world often, in my younger days... and stir thoughts of Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Wiesbaden, and many other places. I love the fashion posts, where you cover beautiful fashion accessories, in both the expensive and the reasonably affordable options. I especially love the aqua pieces you offer..and the silver and black. The above pieces are so stunning! thank you for your generosity in offering this blessing to your readers!
Cathy B pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

therelishedroost said...

You are too generous!! Love all of them of course...you have great taste my friend! I am partial to turquoise always have been drawn to that stone ..Thanks for such a great give away!
xo Karolyn

Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to drop you a line. I love, love your blog. In fact, some of your sayings I save as inspiration in my notebook. You are very poetic the way you write. Up here in the north of Canada it is such a joy to read about far away places and of course, about your beautiful Texas. Keep writing, and the jewelry is just beautiful. Thank you!
Julie G

Alex Holmes said...

I am a new follower, love that you have music playing in your site while I have a good look :) I couldn't see the the top picture, but I am sure I will love any of it, if it is like the other photos of the jewelry, stunning!


Anonymous said...

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Rita said...

I love all of them. Have loved this website since day ONE!!!! It is every ladies fanasty.
Thank you for taking the time to share.

Rita said...

I love every single one of the pieces. I have been a follower of your website since I came across it. Love to see all the things you have to share with us.
Thank you.

candyd123 said...

This is such "Dreamy" Jewelry ~ Love your blog ~ Thanks for sharing!

candyd123 said...

Love Everything ~ Thanks for the cool stuff you share with us on your blog...

Victoria said...

Hi, Marsha,
I am a big fan and collector of turquoise (my birthstone) and I am in love with your earrings. All the new items are beautiful, but the turquoise are my favorites.

kathy zeitlin said...

Love your posts! I am new to the blog world and I am amazed at the beauty and creativity of all women!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

I LOVE your blog and you too dear Marsha...we all do! You could never create anything remotely boring, I look forward to all your gorgeous photographs and you know how I feel about your music choices...I leave it playing over and over in the background remember.

Fifty-eight of us here,(and that's only up to today, there'll be more) love you and hope you will always delight us further.

My favourite is the turquoise bangle. I love the earings too but I'm a little shy of wearing 'drops'.

Biggest hugs darling friend,

Jamie said...

I too just love your blog. I have recently moved from beautiful San Francisco to the jungle in Costa Rica. I so love to look at your delightful photos of fashion, travel, food, decorating...it reminds me of my old life and helps me appreciate my new one.

Thank you, Marsha for your beautiful eye and sense of style and for taking the time to share your delights with us!

My best -


Domestic Diva said...

Lovely! Your jewelry (and blog!) is fantastic.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Anzhelika Yeremenko said...

I just discovered your blog today. Your jewelry is just beautiful. I love the music on your blog! (Angela)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, but often have trouble seeing your jewelry!

You are one interesting, talented, beautiful TEXAN.

Take care.


Cherie Montorio said...

I am in love with the Black Teardrop earrings.

Jewelry Depot Houston said...

I love your blog and all the stuffs are excellent.Looking forward for more regarding post. Thanks for sharing.

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