Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Weddings - Inspiration

I know, I know, there are so many wedding dot.coms, so many wedding blogs,

we see so much...
but, these are too pretty to miss and pretty enough to see a 2nd time...

anyway, it's JUNE !!

Above Image credits ~ Photography+ via Jen O’Sullivan  

Above Image credits ~ PhotographyBrandon Werth Photography // via Style Me Pretty

& I love the different heights in the above photo

this totally white-scape is a European venue, but we couldn't find out where.

I love this greenery!

simply beautiful
all the above images come via a lovely Texas wedding e-zine called  "Belle"
which you may find HERE



Sherri B. said...

Oh my, they are all so beautiful...actually, dreamy..(sigh).

Have a very lovely weekend.

LPC said...

Wow, love that image with the gothic arches and the greenery.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! One can never have enough weddings to look at! My favorite is the last one.

Have a great weekend, Marsha! xoxo

The-Countrypolitan said...

You always have the best photos...

Sarah said...

No weddings in my future, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the beauty here. Love that first one. Wish I had a room to replicate that look. '-) Also love the last image. That could be for any alfresco dinner party. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Marsha I never tire of beautiful weddings, theses are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Completely lovely!

Now my granddaughters' weddings will be next!~ God willing!

three of our grandchildren are graduating for 8th grade from the same school in Montecito! The twins are going to "Cate School" as day students......(it is a "boarding school" also!

Penelope (aka "Poppy" was admitted to Cate (it is out of seven get in yikes!) also was admitted to "Thacher"! it is a boarding school in Ojai......45 minutes away! She is boarding....(her Dad is on the "Board of Cate"! Lovely that her parents.....saw she loved the school so much!

I will post her decoration of her room; with their permission!

She is so talented! Her sense of color; her ability "to visualize"; her courage to select color and pattern .......and put it together!!

At fourteen???

This is a STAR!!!

I hope she will join my company!!!



Acquired Objects said...

Makes me want to get married again! SO beautiful.


Marsha Splenderosa said...

Me too!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Penelope, I had a dream that my daughter re-married at your home!!
Talk about visualizing!
love you...

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Maybe we can just be wedding planners/party planners?
That's so much easier, isn't it?

The enchanted home said...

Holy!!!!!!! You picked the best of the best, I will be pinning pretty much every picture, my wheels are turning for when my sons get married......GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Veronica Roth said...

This is so lovely Marsha. I'm sending the link to my 21yr old who is dreaming of her perfect wedding, (years in the future because she has to finish her university first!)

Maryanne White said...

All could be my favorite! Wishing all the "June Brides" the very best of times to come.

Maryanne White said...

All could be my favorite! Wishing all the June Brides the very best of things to come.

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Marsha ... gorgeous pictures but I absolutely love the first one with the gold, white and balloons!!!! Beautiful!
best wishes

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Oh my goodness, so much beauty here, Marsha!! I lvoe hte long table and the arches!!