Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beautiful Oushaks

a Martin Lawrence Bullard room

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using the rug as a base for the design scheme.

we can certainly see why, can't we?

Oushak rugs were hand-made in Turkey and originally were a superior quality of rug,
but once they became so popular they began being made in the tribal areas, using much larger knots,
and often having only 30 knots to the square inch.

today there are many commercial designs copying the old Oushaks,
but if you ever see one of the Turkish beauties you will be able to tell instantly what the
difference is.  

for those of you who have ready my blog for awhile you might remember I had the
unique opportunity to live in the Middle East for a short period of time.
my husband and I fell in love with the Persian rugs and because of this I was
forced to learn almost everything about them just so we would know quality and pricing.

the tribals were our favorites, but the beautiful Isfahans, Nains, Kashans were
collected because we knew we would have them forever.

I was forced to sell a beautiful antique Serapi a few years back, 
I almost died as I had used it as the base of my room also.  
Of course, I was delighted to find out  how much it was worth but I will always miss it.
Oh well.  It wasn't a diamond was it?

 oushak rugs, oushak rug, oushak, oushak rugs for sale 
another splendid example of design with a Oushak rug.

do you like this?



Glamour Drops said...

I love both of your examples...the rug in the top one especially because of the unusual colour combinations and patterning. Hmm...yellow and that....

heart breaking to have to sell your beautiful treasure, but needs must, life gets in the way of dreams all so often...on the other hand, I think it is sometimes the ephemeral things in our lives which we treasure so much...because of their ephemeral nature...

These rugs are heirlooms indeed...and bring so much warm and character to a room...working just as well with contemporary architecture as more traditional. x

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

After investing in my first Tabriz many years ago, I developed a huge affinity for Persian rugs, so much so that after my move from fashion one of the businesses I set up was a rug care company mainly because I couldn't find anyone who really knew how to look after them! I get to see some of the most exquisite pieces imaginable and the bonds people have with them. To part with your Serapi must have been tough, granted not a diamond but the work that goes into some of these carpets still make me gasp sometimes.

The Permanent Tourist said...

I LOVE this....just my style! Thanks for sharing Marsha! xoxo, Melissa

Veronica Roth said...

I do like the rugs Marsha. Actually I love almost everything about the first room. Wouldn't it be heaven to live there? :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Marsha, Dave and I collected Persian rugs from both our travels and locally. For some reason, Persian rugs come up for auction and we've picked them up for almost nothing. Last year, I bought a 10x13 for less than $300. People simple don't like Persian rugs around here, other than the old ladies, of which I am one now -grin-.

Entertaining Women said...

We have Persian rugs in almost every room and hallway of our house. They are my favorites. I would have wept over that Serapi, too. Beautiful examples in gorgeous rooms. Cherry Kay

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Marsha...they are gorgeous! I just tried to talk a client into buying one...she wants something trendy...YIKES!

Acquired Objects said...

These are gorgeous Marsha and we have one Oushak rug that we purchased at auction and it still cost us dearly. Invest in something of quality and you'll have it for life.

I hope you're doing well!