Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Travelling Artfully in Italy

Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy

& a short drive away is Arenzano, right on the Mediterranean Sea,
a place I spent about a week while waiting for one of my girlfriends to be married
to an American working in Genoa.
They never married and I travelled onward, all the way to the Middle East.

The hotel below is where I stayed, situated on John F. Kennedy Lungamare,
exactly across the road from the beach and the sea.

Almost no one in the small town spoke English except me & my friends,
it was an adventure for sure.
A small trattoria there served the best mussels I've ever had in my life.

a view from the railroad tracks above,
overlooking the crescent-shaped bay.

this small place is on the way to Portofino as one drives from Monte Carlo



  1. Oh,my...........I want to make the wish list totally complete!!!
    HOW enchanted gorgeous is this place:-)*

    Thank you for share your memories,Marsha....

    Wish you enjoable,lovely weekend:-)*

    Hugs to you,

  2. Just beautiful - hope your girlfriend found love in the end!!

    The pinks and reds and coppers are amazing - if I painted these I don't think anyone would believe it was real - thanks!! Wonderful!!

  3. Yikes! Divine!
    and I have this to say about that rug! (what do diamonds have to do with it?)

    There was a reason you gave it up! It was worth it to you! If it had been a diamond.....frankly; I think it would have been easier!

    these rugs.......(which I have in my house....and I adore) are made by hand for many hours......with dyes made with vegetables and other natural dyes......(even bull's blood!!)

    That is what I adore about hand-made rugs from the many countries whose people have been making and dying them for generations!

    They fill my house! I think one reason my house is so full of love and peace; is because of the many hand-made rugs here.

    Kotans, and so many ......and they are all old........none less than 50 years old. The love, and talent, and work that have gone into these rugs.......surrounds me.

    What gift that I can have these things in my house ; surrounding me with the love, and care, and culture that these came from.

    I am afraid these countries and these civilizations are being destroyed by us! I hope not!
    It breaks my heart! these are people in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the north of India........these are subcultures.....caught in the horrific wars that are ongoing. It makes me completely sick!

    (let's see if this post ends up at the FBI or some other government agency! go Guys!) I am not a subversive person! I don't like what our government is doing!

  4. Wouldn't I love to be there right now! Thanks for transporting me while doing bookwork!!

  5. Wouldn't I love to be there right now! Thank you for whisking me away from my bookwork!

  6. Lovely Marsha, thank you for sharing and inspiring - gosh how amazingly intense the colours in the first image..perfect in that setting, can never been recreated anywhere else.
    I received the lovely package from you in the post this weekend, thank you and also for special gift for Dd, it was a lovely surprise!
    enjoying the background music here on your blog right now, hard to go..XX


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