Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alberta Ferretti Made an Outfit for Me

well, except for the socks & shoes shown here.

I think I can find something else more suitable to me, don't you?

the reason I'm saying she made an outfit for me is that she mostly designs
for petite women, as she is petite.

you know, those adorable 5'2" tiny little people who you wish you could be like?
I'm 5'7" and really cannot get away with Alberta's frills.

but, I wish I could !!

do you like this outfit?

& see, even she is doing a larger shoulder, like the NYC designers.

much love.....



Gail Peterson said...

Pretty color...
Love your height... Designers make clothes tall women, pretty long legs and arms!
I embrace & I'm grateful I am tall, Grateful my boys are very tall too!
So yes Marsha wear that outfit and love your tall self!!! Oh and don't forget great heels!!!!

Stacy Curran said...

I actually like both pieces, not sure I could wear them together, but love the color!

Carla B. Reeves said...

Ah, how I wish I could have a few extra inches! Tall women always look so elegant! I agree with the shoes and socks...too edgy for a woman of a certain age.!

La Petite Gallery said...

Very chic, like that color. What's with the pink knees, only kidding. Love the music.

Colleen Taylor said...

Well Marsha, I'm 5'2" & I wish I was like you & be 5'7"....sigh, the grass is always greener!

Catherine Robinson said...

Why do you want to be 5' 2" Marsha? 5' 7" sounds perfect to me...I always felt awkward as a tall girl but I'm very happy I'm tall woman and I have 2 inches on you :) I agree about the socks and shoes :)
Happy Weekend xx

Anonymous said...

Good grief! It was my birthday today! I will do a blogpost about it!

My daughter had a luncheon.....for 30+ of my favorite friends! Everyone was smiling!

What on earth is going on with the fashion shows? Every single model has just swallowed "alum water"; or someone is giving them an electric current! Not an ounce of happiness or enthusiasm! YUCK!!!

Why would that awful expression sell clothes? I don't get it! YUCK!!!