Friday, February 21, 2014

Milano Fall Fashion 2014


a fashion house with a beginning in luxury fabrics,
this show must be see on video to realize the
spectacular beauty of the collection.

please take the time to click on

 so you can fully appreciate the sheen, shine, glitter and opulence.

it's eye candy X10
& it's like actually being at the show   :)'s

I do love those Italians !



  1. Really,really,really fantatsic,Marsha!

    Absolutely high level of a real Fashion.......................
    SOoooooo happy you shared this link!:)))*

    Wishing you relax and beautiful weekend,


  2. I adored this line up, so luxurious, and with beautiful lines. Reminds me of over the top 60's style, but with wonderful finesse. Seemed more like fall and winter colours though.However, I would take any one of those items, any time of year!

  3. I think I could do a room around that beauty to the right..gorgeous!!!

  4. I love Italy, I love their designs & I love these fashions Marsha! Thank you for this ultra luxe post!

  5. I am so happy to start seeing the Fall line up! Isn't it just gorgeous... have a great weekend, Marsha. Thanks for sharing...

  6. Stunning amazing gorgeous and I would wear every and each piece!!!!! Etro!(:


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