Friday, February 14, 2014


Torino, Italy
  Corso Giovanni Lanza,
 Palazzina Scott von Pietro Fenoglio
 (Villa Scott by Pietro Fenoglio) 
by HEN-Magonza, via Flickr

such an evocative image of the beautiful villa in Italy,

I couldn't help imagining the gown below would be the perfect outfit
for an evening spent there,
by Valentino, of course



DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

oooooh...i spy "bronzeahhhhhgggge" scarab and coco leather.
How uniquely this exquisite Valentino is accessorized.
only in my dreams I will be on Kit's excursion...but that's OK for now! Thanks for asking!

Lauren said...

I love that gown! I could go for a trip to Italy!


therelishedroost said...

So beautiful ! That villa and the gown plus the wrap!

Katie Clooney said...

I love to visit your blog, Marsha because I feel like I am on a mini-vaca with your gorgeous photos and music.

Sarah Greenman said...

That gown... wow. Sheesh, I miss Italy. I am saving my pennies for a return visit.

Eliza Beth said...

That villa's exterior looks stunning! Is it a private home? A small luxury boutique hotel? A museum?

Happy Sunday to you, Marsha:)

Maryanne The Garden said...

Your villa is a warm and welcoming sight for snowy eyes! Beautiful.

La Contessa said...

MY COLOR,my adopted country……………certain I could move in with out any problems!