Monday, March 3, 2014

The Longest Oscar Show EVER...

Congratulations to Cate Blanchett, although I don't fully understand her speech.

Congratulations to Brad Pitt for his Producer Oscar; anyway it's an Oscar & he FINALLY
got one.

Congratulations to Jared Leto & Matthew for their Oscars

whew, didn't Goldie Hawn look a bit tired and bored?
following her daughter is seriously difficult, I think.

Glenn Close looked beautiful.

 I didn't love Angelina's gown, it didn't fit her properly at all, and we know those people 
at Armani Prive' know how to tailor.  what happened?

Jennifer Lawrence's Dior was wonderful.

did Bette look a bit wobbly to anyone else?



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  1. This will be one of those week that D-R-A-G-S while I wait for your yummy bags! Well, at least I will have plenty of time to pick a color!

  2. I thought Angelina's dress was not flattering to her figure. It made her look 'wide' in the hips and boxy, although she is very thin. I believe that the dress was chosen to show her in a flattering way from the waist up, after her recent surgery. And that it did. Perhaps, that is why Brad was holding on to her so lovingly.......the first time she was to be in the spotlight. And shame on the Academy for parading Kim Novak out. Let us remember her as she beautiful and that sultry voice. She is 81, had breast cancer, is bi-polar, and I read (not sure) she had a stroke. Please stop trotting out these older actors and let them remain 'the beautiful ones' as Lilly Lemontree says.

    1. Yes, exactly what I meant about Angie's gown.

  3. Agree with you on Blanchett's speech. She sounded like she was beating herself, up, didn't believe she deserved it and also had an axe to bring about women in film making money.

    I thought Jolie's gown was lovely. What did I miss? Where wasn't it fitting properly?

    Loved Kate Hudson's dress.
    And Sandra Bullock's.
    There was a stunning gold strapless very fitted gown on a little blond woman, can't remember her name but the dress was marvelous.
    Jada Pinkett's was pretty.
    The lady who won the Oscar for best actress - her pale blue pleated dress was stunning.

    Did it seem like Sidney Poitier is starting to have memory problems? When they interviewed him on the red carpet, his answers didn't quite fit the questions.

  4. Oh, you're right! I just went back and looked and saw a full length picture of Jolie's dress! The waist looked baggy!

    Kristen Chenoweth was the little blonde in the great gold dress.

    Charlize Theron's black dress was very pretty.

    Yes, Bette M. seemed was a little off. The song wasn't as amazing as it usually is.
    Her hand gestures seemed forced throughout, and were distracting.

    Liza Minelli looked angry a few times - once at something ellen de g. said, and when Pink started singing somewhere over the rainbow she refused to clap initially.

    1. Yes, it was loose-fitting and with that tiny belt I don't think it was supposed to be that way.

  5. The handbag is beautiful! I've been looking for one. I agree with you about Angelina's dress. She looked matronly in it. It was baggy under the bust. But, she's still a beautiful woman.

    1. I agree, she & Charlize are the 2 most beautiful women in Hollywood, or maybe the world.

  6. I agree about the dresses. And Bette is fabulous, but maybe a little wobbly! The bags will be gorgeous. Liza DID seem a little angry at Ellen when she said it was a great Liza M. impression:):) I thought it was funny. I stayed up til the bitter end though...

    1. The funniest moment of all was the group photo for Twitter, and Ellen taking up money from all those VIP's.
      Ellen is the only person who could get away with all that, I think. Very cute and brought everything down to Earth.

  7. Thought Angie looked elegant/regal but made same observations about the fit, it was definitely off. THe illusion almost made her appear saggy on top, just wrong fit. Cate and Naomi watts hit a home run (so did Kate Hudson).Goldie looked haggard , loved Better how about Liza...she was the wobbliest of them all lol. OR the one who went up with Matthew M to present forgot her was hard to watch. Thought Ellen was a riot, with the ordering of pizza etc..only she can pull that off. Overall a fun evening, a few fashion letdowns but way more hits than misses!!

  8. Oh dear, now I wish I had watched the Oscars after reading your snippets!
    I love the bag Marsha. I will have to save my pennies. I've never spent a lot on handbags but this looks worth it. It looks like the handle is articulated, is that right? I love that idea, instead of the handles flopping over and creating a weak spot on the bend, these travel up and down the doohickey! Wonderful!

    1. Yep, no floppy handles.
      So happy you noticed.

  9. What I liked about Angelina's gown this time is that the Tattoos were hidden so I thought she looked a bit more elegant although it should have been fitted better! Charlize, Lupita and Cate took it though!! Agreed too long !!

  10. That Cate ALWAYS hits a home run, both acting and her beautiful attire.
    I thought the same about Ellen. Finally, a dose of real life !!

  11. Love the handbags!
    I was so thrilled for Matthew and LOVED his speech! And so happy to know Jared Leto!
    Hope that your week is off to a great start, Marsha.

  12. So many beautiful gowns! I loved Sandra and Cate!

    Your new bag is fabulous!


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