Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Dog Collar

you know how sometimes you mean one thing
& your friend thinks you mean something else entirely?

well, this is one of those stories...& it's TRUE !!

yesterday afternoon I went to an older girlfriend's home, at her request,
to make certain she had her gala outfit ready for Thursday evening.

she had been plant shopping and we got into big blue hydrangeas and red tomatoes
immediately.  as well as her cat, Bandit, who is one of the largest male cats on the planet.
my friend loves Bandit, but she has been given a LARGE YELLOW FEMALE LABRADOR
who is about 10 months old not.  Her name is Princess Daisy.  She's way too large for my
girlfriend's size & strength...but anyway the friend gave the girlfriend the dog as a 3-month old puppy.

my friend is one of the most social women in town, she's a widow and fills up every single
minute, so she's always on the go.  she used to be a client in the 5th Avenue Club, & no
longer shops that way, so if I see something I think she'll like and wear I pick it up for her,
then we coordinate everything.

OK, now she's wearing a Carolina Herrera long gown on Thursday evening, it's deep navy blue
silk chiffon printed with little pink, yellow, pale blue flowers, strapless with a slim bodice, and then layers of ruffles down to the floor, there is
a tiny bolero jacket of the same fabric with long sleeves.
really no jewelry except her diamond earrings was needed, but I asked
if she would like to borrow my pave art deco slim-line choker (it's Fantasia, but it looks
so real no one would know). 

I took it to her one Sunday night where we all have Tex-Mex & Margarita's
a couple of weeks ago.

when I didn't see it with the earrings yesterday I asked if she had decided not to wear it.

she looked surprised, and this little look came on her face.

she went into her bathroom where she has a bracket for the dog collars,
and there it was!

she said, "I couldn't find the clasp and so I thought it was for Princess Daisy !!!"

we d.i.e.d. laughing.

it has an invisible clasp, of course.
I put my glasses on, opened it for her and placed it around her neck.

she looked into the mirror,
turned around to me and said, "I'm wearing it."

isn't this the cutest story?



  1. Bonjour ma chère amie,

    J'ai beaucoup cette belle histoire... Gros bisous

  2. OH my god...this is hysterical...I am shopping for a new collar for Beau so I clicked here...seems we were both thinking the same thing!!!

  3. Hello Marsha, been off a couple of months so just catching up. Ooh all your things are gorgeous!

    Hugs darling, xx Jane


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