Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sideboards, Antique Silver & Cutglass


over many years we have collected antique sterling silver napkin rings, 
no 2 are alike, which is actually more charming, I think.
my 1st husband became very interested in collecting these kinds of items
as we both loved entertaining at home.

Now this is how to serve the turkey! Vintage silver

& this pretty thing came to me from my 2nd husband's collection of items.
we have used this so many times, I love that we still get "wows" when I comes out.

an old punch bowl, not mine, but I do have one.
it belonged to my grandmother, Mom-Mom, who was kinda like an Auntie Mame.
not shy, loved people, gave a Sunday dinner every single week, loved football,
and with every mood change so did the house paint.

& even on dressing tables or cabinets in your bedroom, so pretty

Silver, every kitchen needs it, why not antique?I love combining patterns sometimes.

I imagine this is a box full of items for sale, oh how I do wish I knew where it is !!

Silver jar

we have many of these kinds of bottles, because I can never turn one down, it seems.
to me they are all beautiful.
when someone or some event very special to me requires a gift,
I gladly part with things like this.
I rarely gift anything that doesn't last forever, well to adults, that is.
though this board is mostly about wearable sterling silver, this antique silver overlay flask is sort of wearable?

& because I lived in Persia for awhile, I have many many pieces of
Persian Sterling Silver, all of which is hand-carved as intricately as this tray.
it is an art form.
we have an entire tea/coffee service with it's own tray,
& long long ago at an estate auction I found the absolute perfect table on which to rest
this service.  it has it's own spot in the dining room.

my son appreciates most of the Persian pieces, and the rugs.
my daughter is much more Ralph Lauren/Southwest & doesn't take too well
to pomp & circumstance.  she, however, has her own collection of antique ironstone
along with antique blue & white.

each of us are very different in this way,
but so much alike in our love of travel, understanding history and ancient cultures.

I try not to buy anything else when I'm looking around.
I never thought I would reach a point when I thought I had enough, but I have & I do.

how do you feel about collecting?
what drives you to collect what you love?



  1. Beautiful! I love Antique silver and pieces are so timeless! I have an Antique side board similar to the one you show here with all my vintage, Antique and family heirloom silver. I have one of those beautiful domes, yours is gorgeous and yes, I get the wows too, lol! I have it as part of my header if you would like to see it. I love your posts, Marcia...thanks.

  2. Every single item in this post I would love to have! Beautiful photos and post!


  3. Beautiful and very unique silver collection. Absolutely stunning. My collections are Buddha's hundreds of years old and antique African stools. My collection of both I feel is complete and I collected them for the energy they release, they are hand carved and enriched by their patina's. I also have a vintage purse collection, those were a thrill because of the hunt and when I found each of them they spoke to me and said buy me!!! I enjoy using them.

  4. OMG....!!!
    Those peony roses and silver peces of art are just gorgeous!!!


  5. Hello dear Marsha I'm just catching up after being out of action for a couple of months. I think I can say I mainly collect books, I would have a proper library room if I could. I love all you things! How lovely for your friends to be given a gift of one of your stunning silver bottles, precious twice over, for having belonged to you. Every day I run my eyes over my eclectic collection of what my son calls 'Tat!' ;)))
    Love and hugs darling xxxx Jane

  6. I love the silver dome. You have some wonderful pieces.

  7. My dear Marsha,
    Thank you for your lovely message which I will treasure....it is so wonderful and special to be close to each other through your blog, and today I find we share the fun of ....collecting!! for me, it is art, silver, glass, porcelain - blue and white...
    How beautiful your collection of silver and glass is, the large special pieces, the ones collected while travelling.. I love especially ornate silver, like your punch bowl and dressing table pieces..... my parents are my inspiration for collecting

  8. You MUST tell us more about living in Persia! (And I adore antique silver, even silver plate, particularly the pieces that are passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter, of which I have a few odds and ends. They are "objets d'art" and I only wish I had a place to display them. (One of the disadvantages of a small home. So hard to have your treasures out to enjoy!)

    Love, love, love these pictures.


  9. I don't collect anything per se, but I LOVE that Persian stuff!

  10. Lovely However the Persian is coin not sterling purity...
    40 year silver
    collector ad dealer
    Dr R B


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