Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travelling Anywhere 9-Midnight Wardrobe

this is a reprise of a post I did in March 2013,
I looked, and decided it was still the same wardrobe I would use today,
or recommend using.

& just last week for our monthly
By Invitation Only post we
talked about the TOP 10 things we would take with us on a cruise.

now, we talking about real life
& if you have time to real all this you will be amazed at how
little you need to be beautifully attired all the time.

but, just one thing important one thing:
Audrey Friedman 

of "My American French Life" here
is a member of BY INVITATION ONLY and somehow she missed
being linked in with us last week.
she travels often, and has a great post up which we all need to see,
practical & witty.  
please stop in & say hi.


when I worked in the Fashion Office of  Sak's 5th Avenue we were often asked to
create a travel warbrobe for certain clients, which meant knowing what they already owned
& adding new pieces so they would be completely updated.
 using Polyvore I have pulled together the pieces below which should
suffice for any woman who could be attending any function anywhere. 

once you look through
the pieces I'll explain below why I think they work together,
and why I don't think you need to pack other pieces.

well, if you're attending a ball perhaps you do need a couple of other things :)'s

"Perfect Travel Wardrobe" by splenderosa on Polyvore


1 fabulous blazer/jacket (non wrinkle, lint repelling)
3 tee shirt tops (wash by hand, hang up)
2 dressier tops
1 pair longer shorts like Bermudas
2 pants
1 casual long skirt
1 dressier long skirt
1 cardigan (if you need one)

12 PIECES of apparel
= multitudes of outfits,
the scarves make even basic black look spiffy & fashionable

bunches of underwear, socks if you wear them, hosiery if you wear
(roll all of it, put inside other items)

3 Handbags

huge one for the plane, car, etc.
2 small, black & red

OK, let's face it...we gotta be comfortable
1 tennies (I love the high tops)
1 sandal
1 flats
1 low-heeled bootie
1 high heels
notice the colors of the shoes, black with red/turquoise/white

2 (or more) long scarves
the long ones can do double duty by tying around your head
on a bad hair day, or draping your shoulders in a cool restaurant,
or just adding spice hanging around your neck, along with your long necklaces
red/black, turquoise/black
1 pashmina (black/white circles)

1 silk flower lapel pin

if you don't want the flower, feel it's too frou-frou,
add a big brooch, or a couple of brooches, to the lapel or top.
seriously, no one is going to think you're over-the-top if they don't know you!
this is where you can shine.
  jewelry can make any outfit important.

3-4 Bracelets
 cause they are hugely important now
wrap bracelets are such a big rage now, put several one at the same time.
coordinating earrings, of your choice

a couple of necklaces, fashionable ones
1 necklace to wear all the time, a darling, dainty one.


truly, I cannot be without jewelry, it makes
the simplest outfit seem important

now, let's see

1. the sequined top, with the long split skirt, blazer, silk flower,
high-heeled booties, fabulous earrings...
go to dinner at the finest restaurant,
even Anna Wintour would approve.

2.  the beautiful tie-front blouse left outside, the other long skirt, or the black dressy pant,
add the striped cardigan or the blazer if you need a bit of cover,
the stripes go with the dots on the pashmina too.

3.  the cardigan & the long sleeved striped tee will look excellent together,
worn with the white Bermudas or a pair of slacks, you're totally happening fashion-wise.
& think how cute you'll be with the black/white ballerina shoes.

4. wear the tie front blouse open over one of the plain tees,
add the long dangling necklaces & you're dressed for whatever comes up,
but yet you're casual too.
the turquoise sandals would work here.

5.  I am a true believer in high-top shoes, I think they rock, they certainly
don't look "old" and they're comfortable.

6.  even if you're travelling with a group you won't be wearing the same thing
every other day. there are enough pieces to mix it up.

7. try to pack everything completely flat, put plastic bags between items
(like those from the dry cleaner)
totally eliminates wrinkling and they weigh nothing.
if you don't have a fold-over bag lay all the clothing out, on top of
a big plastic bag, then layer everything, roll it all up and put into
a duffle or carryon.  believe me, this works and saves so much time later on.

8. use every square inch of empty space to pack small items,
like jewelry inside shoes, etc. + they don't rattle around when packed this way.
I roll up underwear & stuff into shoes, cause I CANNOT skimp on panties.

9. I don't travel with jeans.  ever.
there are so many beautiful things available I don't want to wear jeans.

final word:   the fabulous pashmina 
never go anywhere without one,
if it's in the way, tie it around your bag. 

other women have said it...
don't take too much.
there are no Sherpas.
unless you have a driver who picks you up at each
airport immediately after you retrieve your luggage,
you will be schlepping quite a lot on your own.
I absolutely did not like learning this new fact of life.

the main thing is to have a wonderful time !

now, tell me...what is the ONE item of clothing you always take with you?



Glamour Drops said...

Love this, and it looks remarkably like the kind of outfits which I pack when I travel. Mostly black, with a touch of red. Mixing and matching in endless combinations, without having to drag around a huge or heavy suitcase.

I see the new header ready for spring in green!! Gorgeous.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hello Darling Marsha x, replying to your visit this morning. Crikey! Yes she..the Pani was double double scary, especially as back then I was really timid. You used to quake if you had to ask her for anything. A moustache of long black hairs across her top lip used to fascinate my little daughter. Although I am glad I was able to experience and learn during the time we were there, it was a huge culture shock.

I love all the clothes you've chosen above. You must be disciplined though, I get myself all tied in knots if I have to pack for a holiday and take far too many outfits, then end up never wearing any of them.

Much love Marsha, I'm so glad we met (in words..on this magnificent medium) with being house-bound alot knowing you makes me feel alot less isolated. Big hugs,
xx Jane

Sally said...

Hello Marsha,
This is such wonderful good advice for me....Signor darling would be delighted ( and truly amazed!!) if I could keep my packing so organised....I will try. I must admit I always travel with too many things:) but nowadays I include one lightweight maxi dress, I always seem to wear

Carla B. Reeves said...

Love the display! I agree less is more when traveling... I love all the pieces but only one pair of the shoes (bellerina flats) I have discovered that when your feet hurt, nothing looks or feels good on you. That's the one thing I would never go without; a truly comfortable pair of shoes. We traveled through Europe and the one pair of shoes I wore were black ballerina style with a slight wedge heel. It went with everything. Black ankle socks in case I got cold. I can see that you must have been popular arranging travel wardrobes! You are good!!!

Anne said...

Hello Marsha, so nice to meet you! I just checked my blog after months away and found your welcome comment. I agree, we do like the same things! This is a terrific post.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Wonderful post! I don't even own one pair of jeans.....and never have! My husband is hilarious about jeans...more later...basically he told our girls growing up....(they are now 45, 49 and 51!) "If you wear jeans in front of me I just won't buy you any other clothes!" Wear them wherever you want....not in front of me....just "in front of me...don't" I think jeans belong on a horseback ride!"

They wear jeans.....don't think they don't; but I must say, they dress more elegantly than most others their age. And I respect his choice He; after all, at the time was buying their clothes! I am sure there will me many who disagree! All I can say is that we have three lovely girls...and 7 lovely grandchildren who are respectful, polite, funny, fun well-rounded and "themselves"!! All true individuals!!!! Well-rounded kids who are "their own people"!

I consider that a triumph it itself!

I have read the scariest posts lately on any blog that veers into politics.....this isn't political at all!

Marsha....thank you for having such a lovely and civilized blog! We are all friends; and even if we disagree.....we all respect each other!!

Bravo! or, rather Brava!!!!