Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Newest Genuine Leather Bags in the Splenderosa Shop

Cute and sexy Leather Women Handbag Hobo

just received the sample of this handbag and it passes inspection by Marsha,

it's a small/medium sized bag
with a chain strap which can be removed, and a leather strap goes across
the top brass loops for a little top handle look.

9" x 4" x 10"

in 4 colors

believe it or not we will be selling them for 

$135 each

to the readers of my blog

let us know via email which one you would like to


it is larger than one would think, has side pockets, one for cell phone

we have the black/red one (& ONLY 1) already in the studio,
it's going to be in a photo shoot 

the picture BELOW is from NET-A-PORTER,

a Chloe bag which sells for

$ 1735.00
can you tell the difference?
because I cannot, and I am VERY familiar with all the hallmarks of original designer bags.
WHOA, baby !!!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful and perfect size. Tell me please, is the chain silver in color or brass? I will be ordering one if the hardware is sliver!

Emm said...

Beautiful bags. Will you be showing pictures of the inside, as well? (I always like to imagine where I'll stash the clutter.)

Anonymous said...

Love the bag. Can you post images of the bag open?

Marsha Splenderosa said...

The chain is GOLD in color.
I will add pics of the open bag, I just forgot, thank you for reminding me !!!!

Dale Janée said...

WOW!!! You are so right Marsha, I cannot believe that I would never believe a purse could look better than the original. I love the red one and the fact you looked at the sample first makes me so much more trusting of this. I love the size of it too and I'm trying to be so good about shopping, but this one is really tempting!


Mary said...

You've got the bag I WANT - but I only wear SILVER. Pleeze - Check with your supplier -=- OR please ask to have it in silver, as well. My coloring needs a silver one!

Mary in Oregon

Henry George said...

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