Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Delevigne Girls

day, january 30, 2015 


I had pinned one of the photos from this Town & Country UK editorial of Poppy Delevigne
 a few days ago.
 i was happy to see that the rest of the photos were just as breathtaking. 
i don't know what it is about combining evening gowns and countryside settings,
 but it's a recipe for success–resulting in beautiful images–don't you agree?

in fact, our friend, Elizabeth @ LaContessa's Henhouse,  has used this same
format for her own portraits !!!
 if you need further proof,
 check out victoria beckham's vogue uk editorial and georgia may jagger's too.

I love Poppy's look & style far more than her sister's, Cara, and when I saw
photos from her wedding last year I was completely taken away.
If you would like to read about the ladies history & heritage go to
Wikipedia here
there was NO chance of their NOT being successful.

{images via / photographed by koto bolofo for town & country uk}



La Contessa said...

YOU are SO CUTE to mention ME!I however, haven't done the APPLE with a BITE out of it on MY HEAD PHOTO!!!!!!!Something to contemplate............
What a I DASH to READ about HER and all her ACCESSORIES..............I really NEED to get into the GARDEN TODAY.........BUT just one more little read!

Emm said...

I'm such a country mouse that I have no idea who those girls are. But pretty sure that the second photo is a knock-off of the famous picture of the Duchess of Devonshire feeding her chickens, so perhaps the others have similar origins.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Emm, you are so right !!

Lauren said...

These photos are amazing!


Emm said...

Love the Schiaparelli dress -- wildly retro, very '40s noir -- and yet modern.

Mary said...

I love the chunky turtleneck worn with the big tulle skirt. . . . . oh to be young and able to get away with that look!
Meanwhile I must find a gorgeous cabochon, pearl and sequin encrusted gown to climb my ladder in - I have to get the last of the leaves off the roof in style!!!!!!

Amazing fashion - and that family must know all the ins and outs of dressing well.
Mary -

Colleen Taylor said...

Lovely at it's best Marsha. Out & about last night, we were up close some of the people mentioned here (halftime show + tons more) for the game here today. Great people watching!

Jeanne Henriques said...

Elegance and grace, Poppy has it in spades... and La Contessa too! I agree Marsha, Poppy has a beauty that exceeds her sister. I think it will carry her through the years of her life very well. Sending you warm wishes from Saigon...and thanking you for your recent comment. Much appreciated! xx

therelishedroost said...

Simply Stunning!