Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Houston, Texas Residence


an amazing home located in the Memorial area of Houston,
built by Brian Thompson, son of one of my friends.

to see more of the beauty please go HERE

I don't think any of you guys not living here realize the importance of Houston
to the economy of the USA.

a new statistic I just learned this week:

Houston people dine out MORE than people in ANY OTHER city in our country.
WOW !!

new restaurants crop up, some don't make it,
but the ones that do are usually up-scale and offer really serious culinary delights,
with wine lists to match.

I'll be doing a post on one of the new-comers on the scene shortly.

thinking of giving a


Valentine Party
at one of these bistros on Valentine's night, but worry it would cause some of my friends
not to come IF they don't already have a pink outfit.


going to a Super Bowl Party later this afternoon,
where everyone knows everyone
and where the guests are cheering for different teams.

cannot wait to see what Katy Perry does at halftime !!!




Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Fabulous image Marsha and surprised by the statistic that more people in Houston eat out than in any other city. I would have that it would have been NYC. Enjoy your celebrations this week lovely lady xx

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Well, I guess this is a "per-capita" statistic. Houston has SO many many many wealthy families because of the original oil money, the associated banking, law firms, yada yada yada. But, isn't this house divine?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home with such elegant interiors!
Thanks so much for posting,

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

Good morning beautiful! Let it be known that will be the FIRST time that I have not cheered for the Pats on Super Bowl Sunday! Got to go with MY HOME TEAM! What a blessing this journey has been!

I SO r e a l i z e how paramount Houston and the state of Texas is to our economy.
( I hesitate to reveal that I follow Texas politics and economics.)
Just last night my daughter and I were saying how much we would love to visit Texas. She and Jason nearly moved to Houston before he was recruited to another company.
Go Hawks!

The enchanted home said...

Absolutely love it...just stunning!! Wait I though Long Islanders dine out more than anyone...I swear everyone I know dines out at least 4 time a week, its nuts!! The game should be fun.......enjoy!

designchic said...

I should be living in Houston as one that loves to go out to eat! The home is amazing - love all of the gorgeous wood beams!

Anonymous said...

Adam and I would help the average here in Santa Barbara.....quite by accident....out to dinner every single night....for 18 years! (since we moved here!)

I do know the Patriots won....I wanted to see the Katy Perry half time (she went to high school in Santa Barbara; I am sure you all know!) but I had three doggies to walk on the beach!

Tally HO!!