Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Week That Was

hi everyone,

oh how hard I've been working at the couture shop !

so I thought I would tell you about a couple of our shoppers from this week.

a lovely woman walked in and said she needed things for the tropics,
hence the $386/Night title,

a little segue here:

Sea Dream House
in St. Maartin

it's a 3 bedroom house, sleeping 6, so it seems a bargain,
but compared with Necker Island....

when she said the "tropics" I was thinking Florida for Spring Break,
maybe the Bahamas, or the Pacific Coast of Mexico, etc.

she said she needed "colorful" things as she would re-dress about 3 times a day.
and then she went on to say everyone liked to dress up for dinner.

so, I finally asked her "where" she was going...
you know how this is...with some people one simply does not do this,
with others they are open about everything they do.

she said "Necker Island"

I asked, "The Necker Island of Sir Richard Branson."

"ummm hummm" said she.

another customer,
this one so much friendlier and outgoing, a really lovely tall, thin lady.
seems she is the Mother of the Groom,
the wedding is in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico this coming weekend.

 she is looking for a wrap for her gown, which is navy blue.

Houston shops are full-on SPRING at this time.
or Rodeo (going on now).
& all this type of apparel has been put on sale or sold during the Fall season.
well, except for ONE item:

we had absolutely nothing to offer her.

lots of talking, thinking about what she could do.

Burgundy Fur Short Coat

well, we did have ONE item,
a little whisper-weight knitted Aubergine Rabbit Jacket,
smaller than the one above, beautiful and ON SALE.

she was hesitant about the color, wondered how it would look  with her navy dress
(I thought it would be lovely).

and so it goes, the way life is...
another darling girl came in at almost closing, asked me if the rabbit jacket
was still in the store.  She bought it on the spot!

the Mother-of-the-Groom came back the next day and told me the
jacket would probably work.
 OMG !

  finally I suggested that she buy some beautiful silk taffeta that would blend with her
dress and have someone MAKE a very very very long double-faced shawl,
she came back to the shop the next day and told me that was exactly what she is doing,
and her seamstress would have it ready in plenty of time for departure.

of course, I was delighted !
then she took my email address and promised to send pics of everything.






Lauren said...

I could so go for a vacation right now!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Marsha, this was a delightful post...and yes, some folks are responsive and others reclusive. I do enjoy Saint Maarten but am lazy and almost always stay at Divi, convenient and, since there's only me, easy on the budget.

Samantha Mariko said...

thanks for your recommendation on mars products! this is a gorgeous picture!

La Petite Gallery said...

Marsha, you make that shop. Today the saleswomen, don't care,
they just punch the clock. That's why you are such a success, you listen.
I was on those islands a few years ago. Next Feb.
I am getting away from snow.

helen tilston said...

Hello Marsha
What an interesting day for you, fulfilling dreams for your clients.

Incidentally, I love you new heading, fresh, clean and au courant
Helen xx