Friday, March 6, 2015

Effortless-Looking Cool

according to the style icon, Rachel Zoe,  
statement dressing has taken on new meaning—
essentially it’s now about making a sartorial splash 
while somehow still maintaing an effortless air. 

whether it’s a dramatic ensemble juxtaposed 
with hair that looks like it just rolled out of bed
 or loud accessories turned down by simple separates,
 the effect is a perfect fusion of glamour and practicality.
 (Think put together but not contrived.)

I can definitely go with that !!

Blake Lively has this totally down,
and so does Olivia Palermo, shown above.

now that I'm working in fashion again I'm loving
getting dressed for work.
I can look as opulent or understated as I wish,
'cause I'm supposed to be an expert.


1 comment:

Mary said...

Beautiful! I've always said nothing beats a great coat - short, to the knee, maxi, whatever, in a fabric for the season. It just looks pulled together and only wonderful shoes and bag are required. It also makes getting dressed much easier, ha ha!

Happy weekend my dear -
Mary (still hiding in layers and parkas - with a favorite mackintosh for the rainy days)