Wednesday, May 6, 2015

As Good As This.....

de Grisogono


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Pie

as good as these are

Amal Clooney at the MET Gala
was just as beautiful & scrumptious.
a gown made just for her by John Galliano @ Maison Martin Margiela

his pocket square is sending a really BIG message, right?

& then there was this 

seriously.  this is obscene, ugly, awful, hellish, beyond-belief,
and so are the costumes !!!!



Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

George's wife is very elegant in her clothes. Now KK needs to go have some of that fat taken off of her hiney.
Those girls look terrible with their big butts.
Love the earings - oh so beautiful
Happy Mothers Day


Anonymous said...

Thank heaven I am not the only one who thinks the Met Gala has become a caricature of what it should be. I wonder what Anna really thinks?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Amal's lovely dress unzips to offer two other lengths? Mini and cocktail? Might be... No comments on the see-through lace numbers, which are sadly tacky. Curious - I read that for some years now, Wintour would not extend KK an invite. I wonder if she regrets it.

K Powers said...

I couldn't agree with you more Marsha. Classy ALWAYS beats flashy! Amal has impeccable taste and timeless style. The "shock factor" fashions that JL, KK, & BK feel they must wear to get front page press seems quite pitiful and desperate. They are beautiful women. Why can't they be tastefully sexy? Is that too boring for young celebrities these days???

K Powers said...

I couldn't agree with you more Marsha. Classy ALWAYS beats flashy. Amal has impeccable taste and timeless style. Why do JL, KK, & BK have to stoop to "shock fashion" to get front page press? They are beautiful women. Why can't they be tastefully sexy???

Carol Szafalowicz said...

You said it perfectly.........what is wrong with those people........take a lesson from George and
that is how to be elegant and classy and just down right perfect!
Happy Mothers Day, warmly, Carol from Chicago

Karen T. said...

To each their own, as far as I am concerned, regarding the hiney (I personally do not want mine to be large.). My problem is (and I like JLo, KK, and Bey) "Why such revealing costumes??? Why would a woman WANT to appear so nude in public? And, I think it has nothing at all to do with age, physical fitness, being famous or a Hollywood star, etc. (because some may say that those who find this distasteful are jealous & "If you've got it, flaunt"). Maybe I'm just old-fashioned. Amal looks stylish, sophisticated, classy, and elegant.

Anonymous said...

with you all the way on those three over exposed females. I hate to even call them women...I've had enough of them.Let's show a little elegance, why don't they?

Joy Moos said...

If I were younger , I would be star stuck and put the photo of the Clooneys in my treasure box! Oh, such glamour, such perfection....pure heart throbs!..
As for the rest? FEH!
Happy Nother's Day to you !

La Contessa said...

I think the ONE in the middle her name slips my mind at the moment MUST HAVE BOTOX injections in her BUTT!
I find it so hard to BELIEVE that they think they are GORGEOUS!But they MUST............or they wouldn't go out in public like this.ALL THREE get an F in my book.
The couple up top A PLUS!Love GEORGE's attire!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Novello said...

I so agree with you.....there is no understanding for tastelessness especially when they have the funds to get expert help. My husband says they are hideous!

Talia said...

I agree. It saddens me that tacky seems to be so in style. Amal and George are a beautiful and classy couple much like Kate and Will.

Emm said...

Those K people are quite remarkably vulgar, but as nearly as I can tell they have no other way to get attention, because they don't have any real accomplishments or talents. They are creatures of their PR agencies and famous for being famous. Yawn.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

What is really sad is that our American TV watchers have made the Kardashians RICH. Ryan Seacreat as theirr producer is equally rich, all because of American Idol and the fact that he stumbled intot that. I really wonder how anyone, and I mean ANYONE can spend time watching "keeping up with the K's"? Seriously, it's sick. So is Beyonce's attempt. And I do love JLo on AI but that outfit? Seriously? Where are the stylists?

Talia said...

I couldn't agree more. The public allows this by continuing to watch such degrading television. (which is why I don't have cable - only trash on the television these days.) I prefer to spend my hard earned money bettering myself, which is why I spend my free time reading, gardening, entertaining friends and the best of all - spending time with my family.