Friday, May 8, 2015

Something New & A Question or Opinion

I haven't shown my newest jewelry for awhile,
and I thought with summer coming on, vacations, graduations, birthdays, etc.
we could all us something new.

for me my Kentucky Derby dress will be the "new" in my life for this
entire summer season, next summer and maybe for summers for years.

anyway, here they are

to order please email

 Faceted Bezel-Set Chalcedony with Faceted Amethyst Drops, Vermeil
these are stunning
about 1.5" drop

Crystal Hoops
Lever Back
about 1.5" in diameter

Crystal/Gold Hoops

Crystal/Silver Hoops

17" Turquoise with Crystal/Gold Stations
something to wear all summer

& I need some feedback on this,
the above photo to be used for Fall advertising beginning in September

the copy will be dropped in over the top of the image

"it's not just the clothes,
it's the attitude"

SOHO Couture

addresses, etc.

what do you guys think?

are you attracted to this at all?
does the model look too young?
what about the styling?
what about the "tag" line?

I would really love to know.

I am installing the Splenderosa Italian Leather Handbags in the
SOHO Couture shop on Woodway/Voss
on Sunday.

just letting my local readers know.

love to all



Lynda Brandly said...

I love all the beautiful jewelry! Every single piece!
The tag line is great but I would have a more sophisticated, classy lady. And someone older ...but that may be because I'm older. This may appeal more to a younger audience. I wanted to see a picture of YOU in your Derby outfit! :)
Have a wonderful weekend! love and blessings~

Marsha Splenderosa said...

There was no one in our group photographing anything, so I don't have pics!!
And, thank you for your valuable comment.

La Contessa said...

NOT this photo!
Too Messy...........meaning there is too much going on.The holes in the top,the tie at her waist............what are you selling here?The jewelry?Can't focus on it if that is what your selling it doesNOT POP.
SORRY,but that 's my opinion.Too many layers and textures.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest a model who looks chic & elegant. You would be perfect in a simple neutral shift dress that would showcase the jewellery. I agree with the other ladies this image is slightly confusing as the jewellery is not the main area of focus. I do love the styling of St John adverts featuring Kate Winslet. Regards. Sharon

Emm said...

If the picture is for the shop, not sure what your target audience is. That model reads "20-something, thrown together, a bit messy, needs a better haircut" to me.
Definitely doesn't represent what you have as merchandise on your page.
If your handbags and jewelry are representative of what's in the Soho shop, then that model picture is a No-go. Your goods are classic, chic, sophisticated, and with a sense of humor. Also, older than 21.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

OK, ladies, I've got it. I was worried about the disheveled look myself. Though my son usually has a good eye, himself. We will re-shoot with a more elegant vibe! Thank you so much !!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but not really up to your standard and I question the target market with this picture. Best wishes. Lesley from Western Australia

La Petite Gallery said...

I must have lost comment,
Happy Mothers Day MARSHA!!!!,
Love the crystal and silver and the black hoops.

Emm said...

The model has a pretty face, and exudes joie de vivre. With different styling and better hair, she'd probably be quite a good ad for shop and goods.

Fierce Poodle said...

Totally agree.