Saturday, June 13, 2015

Look At the Baby's Feet ....

& does the adult tiger have blue eyes?

peaceful & beautiful,
& it's not their fault that they have to eat meat, dammit.

it's the chain, the loop of wildlife allowing only the survival of the fittest,
& yes it's cruel sometimes,
but not nearly as cruel as man has been to them.


Playful Cub | Source

below, the most tiger-like sandal I could find
from   MSGM Sandals


how I would style the entire ensemble.
I know I know, it's too edgy for some of us,
but not for me !!
I'm loving the entitre look.
Amiga lun007 con mucho cariƱo
top H&M sold out
skirt, $1185
bag, Celine, calfskin embossed as python, sold out

the move to the larger condo is finished,
at least the 1st stage of the move & I'm so happy I did it.

I already feel more at home & so do the doggies.



Penelope Bianchi said...

How great and how lovely! You are moving ahead! Such a good sign that you are happy you did it!

Good luck...You are a sensational woman!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Hope you are all settled in, take the day off and Enjoy the day. Moving is so stressful.
Well my new dog is a riot. I have so much on my plate, sick friends, volunteering,
Yard work from hell( acre). Art shows, and Renn just put her wonderful Joey down
Friday. She is so upset. Glad she came over, I did Lobster for Lunch, and she played
with the new dog she got me. He is crazy looking. Part Shit tzu, part Boston Terrier
I call him the Terroir of Spruce Head..Lost's of pisss and vinagar.He wears me out.


Cleo from Jersey said...

Marsha, this is a lovely post, both the thoughts and photos. Enjoy your new digs.......... Angela Muller

therelishedroost said...

Gorgeous animal! I love that sandal too! xo

VM Creation Atelier said...

Love animals so much!
Smile on my face when I see this fashion outfit with a lovely doggy!!!:)))

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

The beauty and grace through natures natural rule makes me rejoice and then in appreciation indulge in wearing items that evoke their beauty. This post touched my heart.

Lauren said...

Those animals are so majestic and adorable all at the same time!


La Contessa said...

I'll take the DOGGIE here!You can have the clothes!
WOW........all MOVED and still BLOGGING!I am IMPRESSED! us some photos of the new spot when you get back!

Glamour Drops said...

They are graceful and majestic and beautiful. Your wonderful observation about fur on the email is missing on your post here - so sad because I thought it such a good one. And with all the exciting developments happening in textile development, I would ponder that there really is no place on earth where humans now need fur for warmth, as new textiles are superior in performance without needing to skin an animal (alive or dead).

Glad you are settling in to your new home so happily. Exciting times!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

GD, there is no way I would purchase a "new" anything made of fur at this time in our world. I totally agree with you, but you know that from our previous conversation about it. All the creatures of our Earth are here for a reason, not to decorate humanity. And, the fashion world has embraced so many of the new techno-fibers they have actually succeeded in making us both cooler and warmer. Maybe it's my age & experience, but I simply cannot buy a new fur and hope no one else will. I have mine in the closets and it's been ages since I've wanted them around me. Thank you for your comment !!