Friday, June 12, 2015

Something New & Cool

with temps rising every single day, being out & about requires some thinking ahead...

like how many times can one get in & out of a hot car without wilting?
if you know, let me know.

anyway, something in the shop that I'm definitely into:

a Joie Ikat silk pant and top in blues/whites/beiges

the racer-back top

Displaying photo 2.JPG

close-up of the ikat=type pant print
with vibrant blue/white/beige undertones
it's really lovely

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& this is super-pretty & fresh
little pin-dots of white on the blue field,
looks like little pearls to me.

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all available at SOHO Couture in Houston
here  at

here's Miranda Kerr wearing similar Joie Aryn pants,
styled for travelling it looks like.
white tee, blue blazer
a uniform!

Joie Aryn Ikat Silk Wide Leg Pants Photograph

& then I got carried away with the shopping...

then I saw THIS and nearly fainted it's just so beautiful...

do you agree?


Cobalt Sachin & Babi Noir Strapless Animal Print Ball Gown
sizes 0-12
go here to see

I would DEFINITELY wear this !!
& for this look the price is wonderful too.


1 comment:

Penelope Bianchi said...

The ball gown is the best I have ever seen!!