Monday, July 27, 2015

It's NOT Red....

I read about so many of you who absolutely
believe bright red lipstick makes for high glamour,
& for you, I believe it!

for me, the bright red is garish on my pale pale skin & blonde hair,
& so I'm delighted to find this new shade,
on me, it's dark not bright, and that works.
especially for Fall/Holiday looks





& in looking at this shade of lip color I went to my closet to find something
which would work with it.
of course, nothing looked just right.

& then we have the burgundies, the aubergines, the clarets,
the tapestries, the velvets, 

all the textures of Fall.

I have a very old skirt (seriously, like the last time fringe was IN),
in this beautiful textured patterned velvet but it did not compare to this one:
I love the way the fringe kind of dances across the skirt in diagonal lines.
find it here

I didn't like the top they showed with the skirt & I think I would probably
wear a very close-to-the-body sweater, probably black,
& pop on a leather bomber jacket over the top.


this awesome shoe is now ON SALE @ $123.
& they still have ALL the sizes

or tall boots, simple tall boots, flat-heeled or not.

does anyone else realize how much a new tube of lipstick can actually cost you?

the oppressive heat of Houston's summer continues,
& the news just said it feels like 108 degrees F.
in other words, it's as HOT as hell !

no one, not even the doggies, should be outside in this heat!

each & every summer I'm stuck here through July & August I decide to more to
the Pacific NW Coast of Oregon,
& then every year I say to myself that I don't know a soul there,
and then I wait for Fall to come.



  1. My yellow undertones never allow for a red other than a russet. But that is a gorgeous color. And those shoes! I can only dream of ever wearing anything that high again, but dreaming is good. Have a great week, Marsha.

  2. That is hot my dear!! Cheers to Houston's Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros to make the Hall Of Fame, I grew up around the block and was childhood friends with his wife Patty. Stay cool!! xo K

  3. Trust me. You would not care for the Oregon Coast. In normal times, it is mostly cloudy. The Portland area is the antithesis of Texas and is very liberal. We drive slowly, we're fanatical about the environment, and the northwest fashion is completely opposite of Texas. Exercise clothing is the thing and it's hard to find anything close to Texas glamor. Bicycles and joggers are respected and there is an abundance of them. It is just a completely different lifestyle. I'm afraid you would be so disappointed.

    1. But, the really great thing is that it has the Pacific Ocean, and the weather is so much cooler. I love yur comment !!!! Thanks for visiting.

  4. That comment from your reader is spot on! Actually I love Oregon for it's coastline, even with clouds, and Portland is a beautiful city with all those roses in bloom come Summer…..but only to visit, but I couldn't live there either. Growing up in England I had enough of rain and cloudy days for a lifetime - although I have to admit after the two weeks this June when we hit it just right with no rain and temps. in the 70's, perhaps I could go back after all!

    The heat/humidity here in the southeast goes on and on just like Texas, and I don't relish it one bit.

    Lovely skirt and shoes - if only I could wear heels like that again, sigh!

  5. That lipstick is amazing. Like you, I can't wear bright reds, they're mostly yellow-based. Blue-based reds, however, are generally good. Same goes for red in clothing.
    Cheer up -- we're halfway through summer.

  6. BEAUTIFUL shade!Now put it on and take a SELFIE and show us!

  7. I have that lipstick color & brand. It's always been one of my favorites but I love red almost as much. That skirt is wonderful.

  8. Red lipstick makes me look old Marsha …… I tend to go heavier on the eyes and paler on the lips.
    BUT …. I love wearing burgundy clothes …. a beautiful colour.
    Hope you are well Marsha and I'm looking forward to getting back to BIO in September. XXXX

  9. Such a gorgeous color and it will look very chic on you. I use to have a silk blouse in that exact color years ago and loved it! xx Rié


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