Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Going to a Wedding ???

we have patrons walk into the shop every single day telling us they need a dress to wear to a wedding.
they are the guest, the mother-of-the-bride/groom, sister, girlfriend, etc.

& sometimes we DON'T HAVE ANYTHING that is correct.
you know?
I know you know because it's happened to all of us.

here are some options that won't break the bank,
& outfits you will wear over & over.
the above Carmen Marc Valvo here

or this one, found here
& this Halston Heritage Double-Straped Slip Dress

or this Alice & Olivia dress, found here
& this dress can take you almost ANYWHERE,  so it needs to be considered
a new staple in your closet.
a single strand of pearls around your neck & earrings are all you need for the wedding,
however, if you're cocktailing imagine how great this would be with
knock-out glamour of crystals glimmering around your neck, on your wrists & ears?
pop on a blazer or smart cardigan, change the shoe to a pump, and you've got an office outfit.

all of the short dresses are easy to accessorize, which I like quite a lot.
when attending a wedding it's always better to be a bit understated
as the bride deserves the spotlight, of course.

so great earrings are about all you need.

the maxi dress could use a beautiful pashmina if the weather required, or if you feel you need a bit more coverage.

by now, black is not admonished as unsuitable for a wedding. 
it's suitable.
I still wouldn't wear white!

& the ultimate wedding, the black-tie wedding...
where this beauty would be outstanding.
found here



  1. Oh I do like the first one, Marsha and have a blouse in the same color and dupioni silk...is tat the same fabric for this dress?

  2. Nice selection Marsha! I actually have a wedding to attend in March and have started looking, but summer stock is only just starting to appear on the racks here. I still don't know yet if it is a daytime wedding or after 5, so will need to leave the choice of style until I know.
    Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

  3. Hmmm I think I need the third one.............

  4. What great dresses. I just went to a wedding in Healsburg California. It was on a mountainside. Thanks for pictures of dresses that any woman can wear. The lengths are fabulous too.

  5. Hello Dear Marsha, just catching up for a moment....I love the first dress!! but I wish it wasn't so short. The colour is fabulous. I have my daughter's wedding to go to next March and am consequently wondering what the heck I can wear. At the moment with my health it's even touch and go that'll I'll actually get there, as it's in Scotland a 5 hour drive from us. I know that won't seem too far to you lovely lot in the USA as I mean....your country is Massive with a capital M! And you'll all be used to travelling miles and miles to destinations no doubt.

    Sorry to be away for ages recently, I'm still struggling with complications to this illness, but sending felicitations to you darling Marsha!! And a big hug.
    Jane x


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