Monday, July 13, 2015

Perfect Popover

via zsazsabellagio

as I'm already back from my "summer vacation" I'm thinking of transitional dressing,
as most of you know Texas does not have much of a Spring or Fall.
mostly we have SUMMER! 
& because of this it becomes necessary to select items one can wear
a majority of the year, even though to everyone else they are

this little piece is exactly what I'm talking about

just received this beautiful VINCE silk, leather-trimmed, blouse.
comes in the soft smokey blue or black
also found here

I'm thinking how nice this piece is because we can wear it RIGHT NOW
& transition it into Fall/Winter by adding a
SKINNY TEE underneath when we need arm coverage,
or even wear it this way now if you're beginning to hide those upper arms.
BUT, it has to be tight & skinny so you'll have a sleek look.

put this on over a skinny skirt & you'll look 10X thinner.
wear with clunky wedges & you've completed the "look."

or if we need a real jacket to wear OVER the blouse we have this one

ribbed-sleeved drop-front jacket
also VINCE
I'm loving the look of this because it's so today.
don't be afraid of it, it's the casual/luxe look that is the epitome of fashion today.

we didn't get this piece at SOHO Couture
but you can find it here



the feel of this fabric is out of this world
&, for me, this little item will be worn daylight to dark.
if you think you like it, but it now as it will sell out quickly.


all these pieces are in the bridge price point so you get really great quality, 
but not at designer prices.


& a new color for this highly-desired handbag
all Italian leather, chain shoulder strap as shown
from us @ $ 160.00

to pre-order or ask to see the other colors please
email us


+ going forward Splenderosa is in the process of change,
& change never hurt anyone once the change is made, right?

Cheryl, the brilliant artist behind ZsaZsaBellagio, 
is working on a new look for me,
& maybe even a name change...

from Splenderosa to my own name.

whatta you guys think?



Emm said...

The handbag picture doesn't appear for me. I know this has happened with others, as well.

I was just gearing up to make the linguine you posted the other day, so now I'll have to switch to thinking about clothes!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Emm, I uploaded it properly just a few minutes ago. Thank you for telling me !!
That linguine is fabulous, I'm re-making it again because my son came over and without thinking or asking me he took all of it home for his family :)'s

Anonymous said...

I will love your own name! My vote!!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

Change is good, Marsha. Can't wait to see the results of your collaboration with Cheryl!
Love the new treatment of that fabulous silhouette!

Liz said...

Hi Marsha, where is this Soho Couture you speak of? Would love to come and shop there. I do live in Houston.
And although I have always loved your blog page, change can be good.
Have a beautiful day.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Liz, goodness, I should have added the address !! Thank you for asking.
We are at the corner of Woodway & Voss, across the parking lot from ESCALANTE.

Emm said...

For the linguine, adding a bit of finely-sliced baby bella 'shrooms. Sautéed.

I rather like Splenderosa as a name. Is it possible to keep that and use your own name, too?

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hi Marsha I love the name 'Splenderosa' it says so much and succinctly, because Darling Marsha that's exactly what you are........ SPLENDEROSA!! And Splendifico,and Splenishous, ah just lovely!
But a change is good,and everything changes.
Big hugs and kisses, Jane