Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mendocino, the Music Festival, the Beautiful Pacific Northwest

more stops along the way on our holiday 
to the West Coast of the US & Canada

the charm alone is enough to take one to Mendocino, 

North of San Francisco, almost to the Oregon border...
but when one adds the iconic Music Festival, 
which this year runs from  July11-25
it makes it downright impossible not to put this historic little town on your must-see list.
the weather is perfect.  & I do mean perfect. cool & sunny, the Pacific right in front of you,
rolling in the bluest waves imaginable.
the little town sits on a high bluff, and has tiny coffee & wine bars, little cafes & shops
sprinkled all around.

the photo I'm showing you below is of a large symphonic orchestra,
but the festival encompasses many genres of music.

you can find darling little B&B's and 2 very small upper tier hotels,
there is no Ritz-Carlton, no FourSeasons,
everything is very quaint, very old New England in feel,
& that's exactly what it should be for it's locale.

let me know if you decide to go, or have gone.


ci said...

I have been to Mendocino and stayed at The Heritage House, which is where the movie, "Same Time Next Year," was filmed. ( Alan Alda and Ellen Burnstyn). Love the movie and had always thought the setting was so pretty. I wasn't disappointed! Everything you've said about Mendocino is so true. If you have a chance, drive over to Phylo and visit Navarro Winery. You are in a spectacular part of the country on the northern Ca. Coast!

VM Creation Atelier said...

It looks really stunning Marsha!!!
Love all these views and your mood there!
Truly wonderful place to coming there on vacation!:)
For me is an absolutely dreamy idea.....

Jackie and Joel Smith said...

Are you on your way to the Pacific Northwest???? Or drat, have you come and gone and I missed you????

Cindy Hattersley said...

I agree with ci Navarro is a fun stop. Enjoy!! Next time stop in Monterey County and we can meet for lunch in Carmel.

Drew Watts said...

Oh great!!!! I love The Mendocino, music festival. The best part is several country musicians give their best performances in front of audiences. My friend is also a musician and wants to host a music event soon. For that we are looking to rent a space for an event but not able to decide which one to book?