Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Once Again, The Valentino Haute Couture Show

Olivia Palermo
attending the show

this woman is flawless, she is ALWAYS flawless,
& she does it in a way that is with aplomb, 
she is beautiful, charming and has a natural ability to style herself in a way
mostly unseen on people who are not public figures, movie stars, etc.

she is actually better at this than her only close rival/equal,
Blake Lively.

even when snapped walking her dog, a Maltese, carrying a cup of coffee,

she is brilliant.
a torn jeans girl she is definitely NOT.
she is an All-American woman who dresses,
and because of her style she is now a fashion icon for those of us who aren't fashion icons.

I wonder if Anna Wintour would ever consider her for a cover?
and, I've noticed that she has appeared in many editorial layouts in publications outside of the USA.
now, why is this?

& just to attend the Haute Couture Show of Valentino
would have been enough for me,
but to attend the SHOW & ALL the other events they put on,
and to WEAR this outfit !!!

yes, you could say I'm a bit envious,
but I also applaud her for being a splendid representative of our country.

have all of you been reading about this spectacular presentation?
Penelope filled me in on ALL the details.

now, that's ITALIAN !!



Anonymous said...

You are so nice! Honestly; I had never seen footage until I saw it on your Spledeosa blog!!! It took my breath away! You SCOOPED everyone else!

5 days later I see coverage that calls it the most spectacular fashion show ever....weaving through the streets of Rome. The key to me (I have not read it in the coverage....but I haven't had time to read much of it!) is that they spoke of the city as the centerpiece; and the crowds were kept in groups......(I think I called them "islands")

It turns out it was the most spectacular fashion show ever! (in many fashion writers experience; and opinions!!

Bravo for seeing it first....and blogging it!! YAY!!!!

I especially LOVE that it was Italian!!! (my husband is! I get to walk around with that beautiful Italian last name! "Bianchi" which means "white" in Italian!) Guess what my maiden name was? "Whyte" with a Y!! That is funny!! And fate!!!! And grateful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Olivia Palermo is perfection in my opinion! Anna Wintour is asleep at the wheel not having her featured and on the cover. I don't think Anna will last long. She is really out of touch. Who wants to see those dreadful Kardashians?

Maybe I am out of touch!!


VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh yes!!!
Olivia Palermo....
Just élégance with a great touch of modern and feminiene young lady!:) she is absolutely beautiful,SO agree with you,Marsha!
I've enjoy this show beyond much,can take look once again and not forba one time.....

Anonymous said...

My 17 year old daughter loves Olivia and always try to emulate many of her outfits. Do you know how wonderful that is for a mother in this day and age! A true icon and lady for my daughter to aspire to. Anissa in Argyle, Tx.

Colleen Taylor said...

Absolutely gorgeous gown & what a beauty she is. She has class which seems to have gone by the wayside, sadly. Thank you for this fresh breath of summer!

La Contessa said...

NOPE..........enough of the BIG BUTTS!
I never got it and still don't get it!

La Contessa said...

I watched the SHOW and I thought the same thing........BEST FASHION SHOW EVER......and really pretty simple to create.................Now getting the AUTHORIZATION TOOK some TIME I would imagine!!!!!!!
LOVELY as always.........XO

Anonymous said...

Exactly!! In ITALY????

Anonymous said...

TASTE AND ELEGANCE WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR! And this is the truth because my mother said it! in 1964!!!