Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The NEW Handbag Colors for Fall 2015 + GIVEAWAY

Hi everyone !!
Hot, Happy Summer
(which, hopefully, will be over soon)

I have just received the colors for the new iteration of 
THAT BAG, as follows...


$140.00 EACH





the single exception to the ordering of 6 pieces
because I'm in Texas, where the University of Texas Longhorn Football team resides,
their color is
& I already have a waiting list for this one.
around here one can NEVER have too much burnt orange 


we also have a few of the solid










I am going to try to be CLEAR.
These bags are NOT IN STOCK.
They are ON ORDER, expected in 4 weeks.
or the end of August.

we are only ordering 6 of each color.
after those 6 are sold we WILL NOT RE-ORDER!
this is definite.

the bookkeeping & informing the clients is too difficult for us at this point.

no handbag will be reserved unless it is paid for in full, including shipping.

we are doing this because we DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO BE DISAPPOINTED.

these bags are GENUINE LEATHER.
however, they are NOT DESIGNER HANDBAGS,
nor do they have designer handbag prices.

they are a replica of the famous "Drew" Chloe Handbag in general,
but not a line-for-line copy, and DEFINITELY NOT COUNTERFEIT.

I would NEVER carry a counterfeit ANYTHING, NOR WOULD I SELL

These bags are a super good buy for women who prefer not to spend $$$ on
designer bags, but love the look.

& remember, every single design in the world originated SOMEWHERE,
most items are replicas or influenced by the original.

The solid colors are $140.00 + shipping.
The Snake Print is $150.00 + shipping.

these prices represent a substantial savings even if you COULD FIND THEM
somewhere else, which is doubtful.

eventually, I am going to try to add each color to my website,
but for now the only people who will see them are my
beloved readers & followers.

please understand how much time it takes to add even ONE item to the website...
about 15 minutes or so.  
so you can quickly see how much time it will take to add all of them.
& right now I do not have anyone to help me with this.

if you wish to pre-order a bag please send an email to


I am giving 1 of these handbags to a lucky 
one who leaves a comment for me.


just for grins
(no social message intended or implied)
muffytakesmanhattan :

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following are emails received from our clients

Hi Marsha,

I received my grey Chelsea bag. So wonderful(worth the wait). I truly love it . The new colorful ones are darling, and the snail bag PRECIOUS!!! You do good work, keep it up, I love your stuff.
Have a blessed spring day.

Thank you,

Kristi Cates
Cates Interior Design


A package from Splenderosa is always like a present to myself.
I don’t know what kind of magical elves you’re using, but they’re doing a great job 
-- the handbags you sell are beautifully designed and top quality. 

I haven’t seen anything I like better, even at much higher prices.



Anonymous said...

Marsha! I love you! But he cheated! That is the reason it was upheld! He had his cell phone destroyed with 10,000 texts! Guess what? With technology today'; there is no cheating one can get away with! This was proof!

I liked him too. But he did deflate those balls...and there was no getting around it!

He cheated! So sorry!! I love you madly! And I love your blog and all of your beautiful things!

the reason? He wanted to do BETTER! Same reason many people cheat! He is one of many!


ps cheating husbands are getting nailed right and left with technology! Unfortunately I know three women in Los Angeles (friends who are heartbroken) who have caught their long-time husbands using "find my iPhone"!!

right to the hotel room door! And one banged on it!

No one will get away with anything with this technology! That is how they finally caught Bernie Madoff!!!

The football player thought he could hide the evidence. The judge saw right through that! So sorry! I liked him too! Lance Armstrong also!

La Contessa said...

COLORS are stunning!

Paris Pastry said...

I'm very interested what colors are fashionable for this coming season for handbags. I adore the blue/greyish color of the first picture. I saw a patent Lady Dior bag in that color in London, and I am still dreaming of it! I recently discovered a gorgeous, yet affordable new bag brand: ABRO. I'm in love!
Have a good week!

Angela L Gunning said...

My two bags arrived and they're even more gorgeous than I thought they would be! Exceptional quality and workmanship. I'm a forever fan! Thank you!
Angela Gunning

Anonymous said...

Of course he cheated. He thought everyone would idolize him so much that he wouldn't get caught. There are a lot of cheaters out there and a lot of good people......just like the police.....time they started taking the high road.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Ahhh, you've just made my MONTH !!!
Thank you for taking time to say this publicly.

Emm said...

I love the pale grey of the earlier versions of that little bag, and the black-and-burgundy of the winter ones. Time to clean out the closet, and save my pennies.

As for football, not gonna touch that one with the proverbial ten-foot-pole. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the yellow bag as a pretty pop of color Kris Betts I subscribe to your blog under

Anonymous said...

❤️ The yellow
I subscribe

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Hi Marsha,

I'm going to toss my hat into the ring for that darling purse giveaway! Hope you're having a great weekend!

All my best,


Deborah Montgomery said...

I'd love to win one of these bags Marsha. I love the pink tweed bag from you; it's beautiful and I get compliments. Also LOVE the necklace. I have it on right now. xo

Rita said...

I just adore the handbags!!! Sometimes the little things make a great statement. Also FYI - I wore a pair of earrings that I received from you awhile back and I received soooo many compliments and I think you have some new followers. Have a wonderful day!!!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Hi precious Rita...thank you for this lovely comment.
Yes, accessories can take you around the world wearing the SAME outfit every single day of travel.

Angela L Gunning said...

It's a pleasure! Now I've got my eye on the Gorgeousness X10 taupe/brown/beige snakeskin! Can't resist!

Anonymous said...

These handbags are beautiful - would love to add one to my collection!

therelishedroost said...

These are fantastic I will a new bag for Fall my dear I will keep this one in mind!

Neha Chopra said...

these bags are awesoem i like all , you must try Burberry India

haoyii said...

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