Monday, August 31, 2015


I was looking through seemingly 1000's of photographs over the weekend,
my late husband was never without a camera, so we have pics of EVERYTHING !!!

when we were first married I discovered there was no way I would be able to use
the closet in the master as he had it completely taken over with his things.

the easiest, quickest, most practical way to make my own space was to take a small bedroom upstairs which was basically junk storage anyway, and build a closet.
I thought of everything.
below is one section which shows floor to ceiling shoe storage & suiting.

I always used shoulder covers on my good garments while they were waiting for their next wearing.
this protects the apparel from almost everything.

Part of My Closet
there was a window in the room, so I had built-in drawers built underneath the window
for my jewelry, sorta like the ones below.
this created a ledge or countertop where I could display other items and where I would place a lamp.
I had tract lights on a dimmer installed so I wouldn't have bright lights shining on the apparel unless I
specifically wanted it that way.

These are all so beautiful! I wouldn't be able to fill them though! Time to go shopping?!!
there was a small closet already in the room, so I made it into this type of storage.
The Very Helpful Shelving Unit  This comes in handy if youre not sure where to begin your organization process.
pretty cool idea for jewelry storage,
however, never hang your nice/good/fine jewelry.
lay it flat so the chain/stringing material, etc. is not stressed.
walk in closet-master bathroom , my guest bedroom turn into a walk in closet. Cust...
Standard clothes measurements and storage space requirements for your closet design (via Organized Living)
&, of course, since I had an empty room to work with I was able to built it out specifically for my trouser lengths, etc., like the diagram above, except I knew I would hang my pants, not fold
them over a clothes hanger.  
& I did have storage above for my luggage, it could just lay flat on the top shelves
& be pulled right out for packing.
I think you already know I have always used a rolling-rack for initial packing ideas...
pull out as much as you want, accessorize it, and then start eliminating.

I also had a dead bolt on my closet door and only my housekeeper had another key.
too many inquiring minds (the adult kids of my husband) coming & going, & I thought
the room was mine, personally, and shouldn't be invaded.

 I've just discovered there an app for organizing your clothes !!!
stylebookcloset app for IPhone where you can use your own clothes, like Polyvore,
to create different outfits.

Stylebook, a closet manager for the iPhone. Take pictures of your own clothes and build outfits!
I have NO idea why anyone would need this, unless you're loaning things to someone else,
which none of us would do, right?

& the image shows LOOK # 646  !!!


  1. I wish that I had this much space I have a very small closet and have to store my out of season items in boxes. Like the idea of the half covers. Will get some of those.

  2. WE are not going to be able to THINK soon.There is an APP for EVERYTHING!We will be walking robots in 20 years.

  3. I, too, am going to get some of those shoulder covers. Great idea. A whole room for clothes -- sounds wonderful.

  4. What an incredible closet!! Thanks for the tips - I never thought about shoulder covers. Hope you are enjoying this last "official" week of summer! xoxo


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