Thursday, September 3, 2015

As Most Of You Know....

I have been staunchly on the side of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots
in the deflatgate mess.

the JUDGE has just thrown out the NFL's suspension of Brady.


big congrats for prevailing.


lest you misunderstand,

I believe it was very important that ROGER GOODELL'S decision be looked at carefully.
No where in any rule book does it say someone can be convicted when there was
virtually NO EVIDENCE that Tom Brady did anything.

my problem with all of this is bigger.

no one person should stand in judgment of what someone else does,
especially when the punishment which can be levied is far outweighing the offense.

we are the United States of America,
where everyone has the right to a trial by jury.
a jury of many people, not ONE person.

I think you will get what I'm talking about.

oh yes, it's just a football game.  1 football game.

but, it is so much more.
a sports hero's reputation being tarnished beyond repair,
which would have followed him forever.
when he has a STERLING REPUTATION in everything he does.
he has won Super Bowl's in the past.
he plays fairly.
he team-mates love him, the owner of the team loves him, his coach loves him,
the fans love him.

he's human.
maybe someone doesn't love him?

but, love him or not, the 4-Game Suspension was RIDICULOUS & EXCESSIVE.
it punished the ENTIRE TEAM!
Mr. Kraft, the owner, already paid the NFL $1 Million Fine.
they fired the ball people.
that should have been enough.

Roger Goodell isn't God.
but, I think he thinks he is.

I'm hoping all the other owners will take a long hard look at the scandal that's
been carried out for months, and maybe limit Mr. Goodell's powers.

the following is the statement just issued by the NFL Player's Association

The rights of Tom Brady and of all NFL players under the collective bargaining agreement were affirmed today by a Federal Judge in a court of the NFL’s choosing. We thank Judge Berman for his time, careful consideration of the issue and fair and just result.
This decision should prove, once and for all, that our Collective Bargaining Agreement does not grant this Commissioner the authority to be unfair, arbitrary and misleading. While the CBA grants the person who occupies the position of Commissioner the ability to judiciously and fairly exercise the designated power of that position, the union did not agree to attempts to unfairly, illegally exercise that power, contrary to what the NFL has repeatedly and wrongfully claimed.
We are happy for the victory of the rule of law for our players and our fans. This court’s decision to overturn the NFL Commissioner again should signal to every NFL owner that collective bargaining is better than legal losses. Collective bargaining is a much better process that will lead to far better results.

now, let the games begin !!!!


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